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My 12wbt commitment…balancing home, work, fitness and community

on November 14, 2013
The awesome 12wbt Pirates and Michelle at the Sydney Workout last weekend

The awesome 12wbt Pirates and Michelle at the Sydney Workout last weekend

So we’re 4 days into Round 4 of the Michelle Bridges 12wbt. I’ve pulled out my diary…well ok my iphone, and planned this weeks workouts. But life doesnt always work out quite like that does it?

My 15 month old is teething, has never slept through the night and also suffers with croup. My sleep is precious, and as much as a 6am gym session might seem appealing, a baby awake crying at 5.30am is a whole different matter!

How do I balance it all? To be honest, not very well. Some days my nutrition suffers, somedays my housework is severely lacking. As long as my children are clean, fed and happy, that’s all that matters. I work 2/3 days a week and thankfully bub goes to a lovely childcare where he is cared for and cherished.

Workout Plan for the Week

Tues Pole Class

Weds Weights and stretching

Thurs Weights

Fri Weights and stretching

Sat Boardwalk and a good stretch

Sun  Pole

So this is the plan… I write them into my diary but I know, that at a moments notice, everything could change, (sickness, head lice, readers, car problems, after school commitments etc etc…you know the drill) and then the demands of being a mummy will outweigh an exercise session. I try to involve the children as much as possible. I’ve had the baby climb on top of me while doing sit ups, tank engines run over my back during push ups, and children counting my reps or timing my wall sit!

Balance….it’s an art form, and one that I’m working on

Here are some of my tactics

  1. Take the kids out on their bikes or in their pram for some fresh air and family exercise
  2. Use a fitball to sit on when watching tv and do some sit ups, stretches etc
  3. Use your slowcooker that has been sitting in the back of the cupboard for years
  4. Cook up a storm a couple of times a week (get the Tupperware out of that cupboard too!)
  5. Find an exercise you LOVE, if you enjoy it you WILL make time for it
  6. Get everything ready for work/school/gym the night before, that way you are ready to go with minimal effort
  7. Drink water in the car, I can down a litre in a half hour drive (unless its a really long journey with no toilet stops)
  8. Catch up with friends for walks, gym classes, runs etc
  9. Use the kids playparks to work out, run around them, do chin ups, practice pole moves, do step ups on the benches. The kids will think you’re awesome (or a little odd!)
  10. Listen to your favourite podcast, worship music, take the time to pray, meditate and enjoy the scenery when out walking alone or with the doggies

These are just a few ideas, i’m sure you all have many more to share! I’d love to hear them as I’m always looking for new ways of saving time, and using my energy and resources for the best possible use.

My new life hack is….

Tidying up in between sets! As I’m on the weights program I get a minute between each set of exercises. Yesterday I tidied the toy corner, today I gathered and threw away a bin bag of broken, old, naff toys! (The Fly Lady would be proud)

Hope that might have given some mummies a bit of encouragement and ideas, remember YOUR health is important, and will give you the energy, self confidence and that crucial element “escape time” that helps us be happier mums! (and wives )

The Pirates are cheering you on!

Say Hi to my personal pirate cheer squad!

Pop a pirate in your pocket, instant determination and a cool toy to pull out if the need arises!


2 responses to “My 12wbt commitment…balancing home, work, fitness and community

  1. Renee says:

    Great post Lou! Just shows that with such a bust schedule you can still fit it in somewhere. Can’t wait to see your results this round xx

  2. Helen Sørensen says:

    I Think you forgot to mention blogging! You are an inspiration!

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