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One step at a time, (sweet Jesus!)

on November 22, 2013
such a gorgeous, sunshine, ocean, wonder what's coming up next?

Such a gorgeous walk….beauty, sunshine, ocean, wonder what’s coming up next?

The sun was shining, in an earlier blog I described how the SA Coastal Trail was calling me… so this little post is all about this beautiful walk, the joys, pain and triumphs that accompany it!

As part of the Michelle Bridges 12wbt program, we are encouraged to push our limits on a Saturday, (sometimes known as a SSS Super Saturday Session). We can go for a run, do an awesome workout, take classes etc etc, today I took a look out the window and decided…

“Today, I’m walking the boardwalk!” (Not the plank, fellow pirates!)

The Boardwalk starts in Hallett Cove, south of Adelaide Australia, and takes you through a gorgeous conservation park, flanked by the ocean. Amazing views, dolphins, seals, and the odd idyllic boat can be spotted on the way.

Lots of the trail is a board walk, some is walking along the well worn path. Today there were lots of other walkers, in pairs or alone, a runner or two, and a Nanna with a pram just admiring the view. All are friendly and give lots of  encouragement especially at the steps.

The Steps….Three sets of gruelling wooden steps, crossing the gullys and affording the most amazing sea vistas.

Not for the faint hearted!

Not for the faint hearted!

These steps are amazing for a good leg workout

These steps are amazing for a good leg workout

Each time I’ve completed the 9km round trip Hallett Cove to Marino and back again, I’ve enjoyed the experience.

Is it easy? In parts yes, in parts no, the steps are hard, but there is plenty of flat terrain to get your breath back!

Is it safe? Most days yes, but wet and windy weather wouldn’t be a good time to go out, and I certainly wouldn’t want to walk alone.

Wouldn’t you get bored, doing the same walk? There are always a variety of things to see, flora, fauna, sealife, people, the ocean, all these things can appear very different day to day.

Sometimes my life feels a bit that way, I feel exhausted, trudging through the everyday tasks of being a mum, a wife etc, some days I feel overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the challenges ahead, a bit like those huge flights of stairs, but we take a big breath, summon up courage and take the first step, we might look to the top, concentrating on the task and it’s destination, or we might keep our eyes down, focussing on each step, wondering how much further we have to climb. I think in life it’s good to do both, be mindful of the individual steps we need to make to get to our goal, but also glance up to see how close we are, or to gather strength from our success so far, we may need to take a break, and look back at how far we’ve come. Just being consistent, taking one step forward, one after another can soon add up to a lot of progress!

I started 12wbt in May 2013 and have lost almost 11kgs, for me it was slow, sometimes painfully so, but when I compare my then and now pictures it’s quite amazing!


So keep chipping away at your goals, your dreams, your vision! whethet you’re taking huge leaps forward or inching towards the top, KEEP MOVING FORWARD!  The view from the top is always worth the journey!

It was a fabulous day to get out into the Great Aussie Outdoors

It was a fabulous day to get out into the Great Aussie Outdoors


2 responses to “One step at a time, (sweet Jesus!)

  1. Love your posts Louise! So motivational as I’ve got stuck in a rut of working from home, snacking & doing no exercise. Something has to change!! You really are a super woman!! xx

    • Thank you Kirsten, that’s so lovely.
      It’s just a question of finding an exercise you enjoy, and making time as a busy working mum isn’t it? We’ll do this walk when you come over next 🙂

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