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A Running Pirate?

on November 24, 2013

Just make up your mind mummy, I’m going cray cray here!

Am I a Pirate? (doing the 12wbt lean and strong program) or am I a Runner? (which has been my preferred exercise for years now)

Can they co-exist?

Weight lifting purists would say no…long runs take up lots of energy that should be going into building muscles, and also runners have shortened hamstring muscles which isnt  a good thing for my flexibility that I need for pole fitness.

BUT I MISS IT SOOOOOO MUCH, and so does my running buddy Hiro.

I bought this lovely crazy puppy a couple of years back so I could go running on an evening with some “security”. He has been an amazing companion, trained with me for my half marathon, runs hills, beaches, roads, trails, bike tracks. He loves running as much as I!

He is not impressed with the Lean and Strong program, needless to say!

This Saturday I looked at the sunshine, and my doggy at the window and I couldn’t say no!

I found my fuel belt and filled a couple of water bottles for it, got my running gear on and went to the sliding door….Hiro jumped about 3 feet off the ground and whimpered in excitement, no going back now, I’m running today!

I haven’t run for a few weeks and I was worried I wouldn’t make it round the block, but I determined I would run 10kms.

I had the most liberating run, the weather was fabulous, even though at the 6km mark we got caught in a brief shower. I thoroughly enjoyed the views, greeting the other runners and dog owners on the bike track, not to mention the runners high.

I love the endorphins that a good run taps into, I love the feeling of freedom, getting out of the house and just running, running, running…sometimes with no idea of where I’m heading, or how long I’ll be out. I get to think, really think and meditate on my life, ponder the universe and think about my new shoes, thank God and plan Christmas gifts, organise my day ahead and listen to Madonna on my ipod. I love that Hiro is always available for a run, he’s never too busy, too tired, or frustrated at my slow pace.

So you see my dilemma?

Actually there’s no dilemma at all.

I love running, (can you tell?) and although my muscles might suffer a little from a weekly long run, my mental health will suffer more if I DON’T run, my amazing ideas I get while running will stay trapped in my head and my puppy will miss out on what is probably the highlight of his week!

So my SSS will be a long run, and I might squeeze a little one in midweek too if I can!

I’d love to share some of my favourite places to run…

Adelaide Hills

Adelaide Hills

Christies Beach

Christies Beach


Southport Beach

Southport Beach

Port Noarlunga

Port Noarlunga


3 responses to “A Running Pirate?

  1. At the end of the day, you need to do what you enjoy 🙂
    It just means that you MAY not reach your specific lean and strong goals within the 12 weeks, which is totally ok!

  2. Tanya Saunders says:

    All good Louise! I do think you need to do what you enjoy also, I love running also ( 4 half marathons & 1 full marathon this past 2 years with 12wbt) I did R4 L&S last year with the at home program & only ran Tuesdays around 10km and still had really good results, I’m doing this round now L&S in the gym this time and use Wedensday 45 min run to get my fix and I do Parkrun on Saturday mornings only 5km but a good HIT workout which does fit with this weeks SSS. It just depends what your goals are and getting the right balence, good luck.

    • Hi Tanya, thanks for the encouragement, I have a similar weekly plan, 3 x weights, 2 runs (one is SSS) and a pole class, plus stretching and extra pole playtime if I can squeeze it in. I don’t really have any goals other than to get better at pole and to lean out a little. It’s harder to measure successes without scales isn’t it? 🙂

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