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Pole dancing, pole fitness, lollipop gymnastics, it’s fun whatever you call it!

on November 28, 2013



It’s so much fun!
I began pole early in 2013, I was blessed to meet a gorgeous lady in hospital while we were awaiting our little boys arrivals. This beautiful girl has since become a very good friend. When we talked about our love for keeping fit I was surprised and a little shocked when she told me she was a pole dance instructor, but as the weeks went on I became intrigued.
Our beautiful boys were born within a couple of weeks of each other and the play dates began. Miss C had a pole in her garage…I asked her to show me some moves….I was now very interested, it looked so easy, so graceful, so exciting!

I soon learnt that pole fitness is anything but easy!
The strength and flexibility you need is quite incredible, I discovered quite quickly this was not going to be a walk in the park!
And so my weekly/fortnightly lessons began. In a garage with our babies in their prams, watching us laugh, squeal, lament, and jump around like complete twits when I got something right!

I started taking formal classes in July this year, starting in the intermediate level 1 class as I had learnt lots of the basic moves, with my friend’s patient teaching.

The classes are hard, I am pushed every week out of my comfort zone. I have a good fitness base and am quite strong but going upside down and holding onto the pole with your tummy and inside knee is very scary!
I watch children at the park and marvel at their lack of fear and sheer determination on the play equipment. I’m not a dare devil, and I’m quite un coordinated, (getting my lefts and rights confused quite often) but I AM determined! I’m currently on intermediate level 2, and will probably stay there for a while.
In order to move up to the next class I have to have my splits, and be able to shoulder mount. I’m close to both, but not quite there yet!

I love the challenges, the sense of achievement and the camaraderie of our classes. My class is made up of lovely girls, a mum, an Olympian, a teacher, a dancer, a chef…all having fun, encouraging, helping and lifting each other up (quite literally sometimes).

It is a beautiful sport, and yes it has a bit of a stigma attached to it, but it brings me so much enjoyment, and there is so much to learn.
It’s not like a gym class you might take week after week, doing basically the same thing to new music, It’s different every week, some weeks are painful, both physically and mentally, others are a pure joy, especially when you get a tricky move right for the first time!
I’m so glad I found an exercise that I love, and am so thankful for my hospital stay where I met a new friend and found a new hobby ( oh, and my newborn baby boy was a pretty awesome bonus too hehe! ;-O )

As much as I’m not ashamed of my sport, I’ve decided out of respect for my family to not post my pole pics on this blog. (Before you wonder, I wear a singlet and shorts and no heels)


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