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Neonatal reflections

on December 12, 2013

Tonight I was blessed to be part of a wonderful group of mums who packed 60 bags of goodies for the mums of babies in 3 of Adelaide’s neonatal units.
These bags will be given to the mums on Christmas Eve, and contain practical and thoughtful gifts, like baby wipes, Tim tams, a journal, and the sweetest little knitted Christmas beanie and first outfit (one that allows for wires and probes and easy nappy changes)
“Women Who Have been There”
is the brainchild of Jenny Joy, an Adelaide mum who after having two premmy babies saw the need for a support group that really knew what other mums went through, when their babies had to be left in hospital while they went home, often to look after other children, sometimes unable to drive into hospital to visit due to a c/section, and the emotional roller coaster moments in the unit.
As well as Christmas goody bags, “WWHBT” provide monthly morning teas for parents in the unit, pamper packs for Mothers’ day, special gift packs for country mums who may have been flown into the hospital in an emergency, with just the clothes they are wearing, as well as several playgroups and online support. It’s an amazing group, and Jenny is a beautiful kind soul who just loves helping, listening and caring for the mums she comes into contact with in the hospitals.

I have also had two premmy babies, and with my 15 month old son, this group was a link to the hope beyond NICU. My baby would gain weight, successfully feed and be able to go home. And he did….and he is truly a blessing to our family.
So helping pack these bags tonight was a reminder of those weeks of being driven to and from hospital, sitting next to his humidicrib for hours, watching his little chest rise and fall, missing his baby shower because he came so early, and the joy of every weight gain, moving into an open crib, and establishing feeds.
It’s a crazy time, and you feel like you’re in a bubble, where your world revolves around machines that beep, finding ways of getting down to the hospital, and expressing milk when there is no baby at home to nurse. I am so thankful for the support of family, friends and this group who made the Neonates journey a little easier, with meals, visits, prayer, financial support, and lots and lots of love!



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