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Embracing the homemade treasures

on December 19, 2013


I think I alluded to my Christmas tree habit in my last post,

My plan: Let the children put all their pasta decorations, paper creations, broken popstick animals and salt dough stars on….then once they were in bed… tidy the tree up, hiding the ugly broken ‘treasures’ around the back of the tree, out of sight. Then make everything symmetrical, colour co ordinated and beautiful.

This year was different. I don’t know why, but I had a change of perspective and a change of heart.
As I watched them pull their creations from the Christmas box I saw on their faces pride, joy, memories of school classes, the friends, and teachers they had made them with. These were not just bits of clay, crepe paper and cardboard to them!

My 10 year old daughter presented to me a paper angel with her face on it, her little chubby 5 year old face, in her new school uniform. How could I hide these treasures from our view?

So instead of hiding them, I wrote their names and year of creation onto them and took time to talk to each child about their decoration. When and where did they make them? Where should we hang them?

I realised that anyone can have a pretty tree, with any given theme of their choosing, traditional red and green, vintage gold and silver, bright and funky black and fuchsia pink; but no one can have a tree like my family’s, with crafts spanning almost 20 years, each telling its own story.
The nativity set they had made in Sunday School, the baby Jesus with the manger legs chewed off, the popstick reindeer my eldest son made in primary school. Those baubles and pegs might not be worth anything to a stranger, but to me and to the children, they are priceless, and deserve pride of place on the tree. So once the children had decorated the tree, I looked on and declared “It is good”, flicked on the fairy lights and enjoyed looking at our family story tree.



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