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December goals…not quite there yet!

on December 27, 2013

So I set myself a couple of goals this month, let’s see how I got on with them?


Here’s my progress…
Front splits…so close but yet so far, not flat by any stretch of the imagination (or hamstrings)

Faster 5kms…well I’m maybe a minute or so faster…but not sub 30 yet, I’ve run at that pace in races but not on a normal everyday kind of run!

Drink 2lt water…probably getting this one right, it’s been so hot!

Limit junk food and sugar to weekends…um no, to be honest I didn’t really try 😦

Organise and prioritise…I’ve achieved some success here, my workouts have been consistent and I have had all the ingredients to make good clean meals, have I always chose these this month, not always, but most of the time! It’s been my sugar snacking that’s unravelled my menu plan!

So what’s the plan?
I have 4 days left of this month, I could say “meh, let’s put them onto January’s new year resolution list” or I could take the bull by the horns, get some serious stretching in every day, put those chocolates away until the weekend and run my little heart out. I’m choosing the latter! I’ll let you know on January 1st how I got on!




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