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Just add snow, Inspiration for the week ahead

If you haven’t seen the new tv ad for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, this is a treat! I can’t help but get choked up every time I see it.
Whether you’re an Aussie training for a snow boarding medal, a mum trying to fit in a run, or a school kid balancing academic studies with several dance classes and styles, we do what we love!
We train hard, and should be proud of every session that we push through, prioritise, and get done regardless of the obstacles facing us!
We may not all represent our country in the Olympics but we should still be able to stand tall, encourage each other in our fitness journeys, support those who need a little boost and be inspired by not only these international Olympians, but also by the mum in the gym, the 5am jogger, or the walker raising funds for cancer research.
Find what you love, and love what you do! And don’t let a lack of snow stop you!

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Trail training, Mount Lofty

Not content with training for one long trail later in the year, here is the 56km Yurrebilla ultra marathon trail I’m planning on doing in September, a month before Trailblazer


As you can imagine, we have a lot of training ahead of us!
Yesterday Miss S and I met at the bottom of Waterfall Gully in Adelaide. It was a beautiful warm day and there were a lot of fellow hikers climbing the Mount.
It is an amazing trail, with steep sections in places, and lots of benches to rest or enjoy the views on the way up. We powered up, chatting, laughing and discussing life, love and 12wbt!
I had previously made it to the top in 1hr and 11 minutes, when I was 20 weeks pregnant, so I was hoping to beat that time.
We got to the top in well under an hour (around 57 mins) and we enjoyed the views from the top! Adelaide is such a gorgeous city surrounded by stunning scenery, we really are blessed to live here!


Mount Lofty is the highest point in Adelaide and affords views to the city, the sea, the north, the south. It is truly a breathtaking place and I understand why so many people visit this spot, for weddings, for a cuppa, to enjoy the scenery and in our case to have a fabulous workout!

After the obligatory selfie shots and a well earned drink from the filtered water fountain, we made our descent. I actually find going downhill just as tricky in the steep bits as going uphill, but we jogged the more gentle inclines and got down in just over 40 minutes.

My legs felt like jelly and today my glutes feel like I’ve just done a massive squat workout! Always a good sign of a great training session!

Thank you to my gorgeous training partner Miss Stacey, who is a 12wbt legend in her own right, look her up on Instagram, she is amazing!

We’ll be training together whenever we can and we hope to see lots of the beautiful trails in Adelaide.


WE DID IT! Training session number one NAILED!



Trails…dirty running


After last years half marathon in August, I decided against long distance racing for a while. There is a lot of training and while I’m working on building muscles on the 12wbt Lean and strong program, a lot of running would hinder the process.
I’ve blogged before about how much I love to run and am often conflicted in my fitness plans, trying to strive for enjoying exercise rather than enduring it! After some thinking about WHAT I love about running, I have decided this year to do some trail runs/walks. I’m kind of over the marathon training, and also feeling a little bored with weights at present, and I figure that trails might be a happy medium; walking and running, getting some good leg exercise in when hill climbing, seeing beautiful scenery and taking time out for reflection and contemplation!
In Adelaide there are lots of trail runs/walks to enter as well. Medals, goals, achievement…my eyes twinkle!

Another 12wbter and I are planning on entering a few walks this year, with a massive goal of walking the Trailblazer in October. There are a few different options, but I’m eyeing off the 50km walk, (at least)
It will be a fundraiser for local charities too, which makes it an even more special time.
I’m not sure how you train for long walks other than doing long walks, so Miss S and I will be starting our training this weekend. I’m not sure how long the trail is, but it’s a beauty and I’m super excited to get out and start working towards my next goal.
Each month from April there is a trail event, so it is our plan to attend as many of these as possible, up until the big one in October!
I’m expecting dirty trainers, dusty socks, summer freckles, to use my fuel belt lots, and my soul and body to be refreshed by ‘All things bright and beautiful’.
I’ll let you know how we go on the weekend!


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Protein powder taste testing


I have protein powder! Lots of it! I feel like a bro, a proper body builder. My friend from Bulk Nutrients gave me lots of flavours to try out when I bought the 1 kg bag of chocolate. (No need to taste test chocolate before first buy, it’s usually a safe choice)
So here is my review.
Vanilla…made lemon protein bars with this, it baked well and tasted yummy.
Choc mint…DELICIOUS my favourite so far, tastes like an after dinner mint!
Cookies and cream…too sweet for my liking but tasted very creamy and decadent.
Piña colada…I’m a piña colada cocktail girl so was very curious as to what this flavour would taste like. It was very sweet, and may have been better mixed with water or a fruit juice.
Chocolate…awesome, amazing, mixes really well.
I’m definitely going to buy the choc mint and vanilla again, I would like to try a strawberry too. Which protein do you recommend?

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Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?


I’ve been thinking about how I’d like to go into this year refreshed, more present and mindful as well as all the other hopes, dreams, goals I would like to work towards. My first thing I need to work on is my lack of sleep. I tend to stay up late watching tv, playing on my phone, looking up YouTube clips, reading articles on all manner of interesting but sometimes inane subjects, and then at 5.30am my dear little man wakes up ready for the day! Now this isn’t so much of a problem in school holiday time as I can go back to bed when he does, but I go back to work next week and that just isn’t going to work! So my goal this week is to start going to bed earlier and get my phone switched off, allowing me 30 mins of reading, prayer, reflection time before sleeping…
Night 1….in bed by 10.45pm, woke at 11pm to an almighty thunder and lightening storm, I love lightening and was so tempted to get up and watch the light show, as my hubby was. But then the ‘visitors’ starting arriving in my bedroom….my 5 year old came in, hugging me tight, so we talked about how the fields needed rain and prayed the rain would reach the bush fire affected places, we watched a few lightening bolts and agreed it was a marvellous beautiful sight.
Next came the dalmation, she’s a silly old doggy who’s petrified of storms, so she settled down next to the bed, peeking up at my son and I whenever the thunder roared. Then came the baby, brought in by his daddy, for a big cuddle. So by the time we actually all got to sleep it was almost midnight….mission early night derailed!
Next night, I turned my phone off at 10pm, ✔️ for me!
At 10.30pm after a little read I settled down to sleep. 10.36pm baby is crying…went in to settle him, went back to bed, 10.47pm more crying…up again…this went on…. And on….long story short my dear bub cried on and off all night, we found 2 big molars coming through so I’m guessing they were the reason for the crying.
So much for early nights and waking refreshed…pass me the coffee and energy drink today!
As for tonight….I might get into bed at 9pm!


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Here’s to dance, tricky moves and celebrating progress!


Tonight I was just looking through my iPhone notes app, and found my pole moves “note”. It is such a good way to track progress and very encouraging to see how far you have come and how much you have learnt.
After a tough couple of pole classes late last year I got my shoulder mount…looks easy but is devilishly difficult, you need a lot of upper body and core strength to execute it.
One very happy celebration dance followed!
My splits are still a work in progress and I never devote (or have) enough time to practise them.
There are so many beautiful moves I want to learn and I would love to incorporate more of a dance element to my training. With these goals in mind this year I have signed up to become an elite member at the pole dance studio I attend.
For an extra few dollars a week I can go to the dance and fitness classes as well as my regular pole class.
I’m soooooo excited and the extra flex n stretch class will really help me with both front and middle splits, and the dance classes will help me tap into my dancing creativity and expression.

I’m not sure if it’s just me but pole progress is a sneaky thing, you struggle for weeks and then “BANG” it all comes together and you can invert, balance, grip….whatever you couldn’t do last week, all of a sudden you can NOW do….and do it well, and do it easily…it’s quite bizarre, but it’s like a wonderful surprise gift that your body gives to you.

Tonight we went over our Superman, Princess and side climbs…I failed…I bruised, I felt exhausted. 😳 I needed at least one positive experience to go home with, what COULD I get right tonight and achieve?
I got my outside leg hang (Gemini) a few weeks back, but hadn’t really mastered the inside leg (Scorpio) , so at the end of my difficult class, when we had a few moments I tried it out. “So up I went, and the Scorpio was mine, “Ta Dah!!”
What a great feeling and I just wish I’d given someone my camera!

Never give up, always look for improvements and celebrate the small achievements as well as the major ones, the same is true for much of life, embrace progress, even if it is slow. Slow and steady wins the race. Don’t compare, measure your own progress, it’s really quite a freeing and encouraging exercise. Keep practising, keep on going, keep loving, keep working towards your goals. In the words of Cornelius Robinson (Meet the Robinsons ) “Keep moving forward”

This is how the Superman move SHOULD look! I’ll get there soon…I will, I will, I WILL!


Thank you to for these fab comics!

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Mindfulness, Madonna and holiday running


Today was my last day of holidays…
“One more run?” I begged hubby.
The cabin needed to be cleaned and the car packed up but the walking track was calling me LOUD this morning!
My darling hubby said “Go for it” and off I went, iPhone tucked into my crop top, and my baseball cap on.

The track from our cabin is a lovely bitumen path through woodland, but still parallel to the road.
I could see another runner up in front, could I catch her? I cranked up my music, the good old Madonna Celebration album, and picked up my pace.
I think Madonna helps me run for 2 reasons, it’s pretty peppy jolly music, and it makes me feel like I’m 14 again, young, fresh, and super fit! (Despite the fact that at 14 I did little to no exercise other than chase boys, smoked and ate lots of junk food!)
I chased the lady in fluoro orange and managed to overtake her,
“Whoop whoop I’m on fire today” I thought.
“Living in a material world” I sang along to the music….

I got to the 2.5km mark and turned round, and had an epiphany…

Here I am, my last day of holidays, in a beautiful setting, with mountains, trees and wildlife all around me, and I’m pounding the pavement, trying to beat other runners, watching the stopwatch, listening to songs I can hear anytime.

So….off went the music, and I started to look around at my surroundings, noticing the rainbow parakeets, listening to the kookaburras laugh, the corellas squawk, taking in the scent of the gum trees, and feeling the steady thud of my trainers on the path.

And then I saw them…creatures I hadn’t ever seen here before, 2 emus, in the reserve next to the track, then a kangaroo, and another, and a few more. I hadn’t seen one animal for the first half of my run…no doubt I had run straight past them, looking at my stopwatch, listening to “Holiday” all the while missing out on the things I love about our own holiday in the Grampians.

I loved my mindful running today, using all my 5 senses instead of going through the motions. Don’t get me wrong mindless running is still better than no running, and it’s hard to be mindful all the time, sometimes you just have to crank up the tunes and Get into the groove, but today, was mindful bliss!



Where to from here?


Sometimes I feel like this little chap, the whole world is going on around me and it can feel quite overwhelming! I want to sit back, watch the big kids play, reflect and ponder, before I leap into the playground of life once more!

It’s 2014, time to release the old and embrace the new…unless the old is good, then hold fast to it!
Some 2013 stuff I’m carrying with me into this year and beyond….

-My family and friends, that goes without saying, but I hope this year will be about taking more time with those I love, being intentional with the time we have together and really listening to them (a skill I definitely need to develop)

– My faith, praying that this year is a year of deepening in my spiritual walk, (again, learn to listen Louise!)

– My training, running and pole fitness, I love the challenges, fun and sense of accomplishment in these activities, as well as the beautiful new friends I have made through these pastimes.

– My love for chaplaincy, I am excited to be entering my 5th year as a Christian Pastoral Support worker at a local primary school. Supporting the children, parents and staff here is truly an honour and blessing.

So I’m holding fast to that which is good in my life, but also have some other dreams and goals for the coming year….

But let me just ponder them a little more before I share.

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Relaxation, reading, running, reflecting!


How I love holidays, the lie ins, the chance to watch movies, the sun baking….oh hang on, that doesn’t happen here, does it?
Holidays have very high expectations, the snaps we post on Facebook are often the highlights of a very stressful day. A day where baby wakes up at 5.30am, the children are bored by 8am and the wine is calling you from the fridge at 11am!
I have tried to let go of expectations this holiday, to slow down, enjoy the board games (that often end in tears from the ‘loser’), to try to find 5 minutes of quiet time and not resent the interruptions after 45 seconds.
My holiday highlights reel looks quite impressive so far, a 5km run along the bike track, a walk to some gorgeous waterfalls with the whole family, ice cream with the bub, coffee at a cafe with hubby, a few chapters of my book read, and some bargain buys at a local op shop. We have been to the park, played dominoes and Lego creationary, spotted kangaroos, deer, cockatiels, kookaburras, and parrots. It truly is a lovely place, which is why we make the long journey here every year. But amidst the joy, lovely family moments and fun, there are children who whine and whinge, fighting siblings, a pile of unending dishes to wash, a hubby very cross with his beloved cricket team doing so badly, and a baby who has decided he doesn’t want an afternoon sleep!
Family life! It is my joy and pain, my true love and source of great frustration.
The book I am reading has a very relevant passage for me
“Each moment is an opportunity-to be generous, to show compassion, to say a kind or encouraging word. Do not miss the moments; they pass us by so quickly.
The ordinary moments-family dinners, time spent with your children in the park, quiet times with God- may seem insignificant, but over a lifetime, those moments amount to something extraordinary.”

“For this I was born” Brian Houston

Reflecting on these words today has encouraged and blessed me, I may not get it all right all the time, but I can try moment by moment to listen, love, play, and be present in the family and world I have been placed within!
Happy holidays xxx

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A time to dance!

Hooray! It’s holiday time, my family and I are off on our annual trip to a most beautiful part of Australia, The Grampians in Victoria. I’m planning on resting, relaxing, swimming, playing dominoes and Lego with the children, going on a couple of trail runs and spotting kangaroos, I’m sure I might find a few lamp posts or play equipment on my travels to do a bit of practice on too!
Find your happy place, find your own rhythm and just dance!


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