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on January 4, 2014


How I love holidays, the lie ins, the chance to watch movies, the sun baking….oh hang on, that doesn’t happen here, does it?
Holidays have very high expectations, the snaps we post on Facebook are often the highlights of a very stressful day. A day where baby wakes up at 5.30am, the children are bored by 8am and the wine is calling you from the fridge at 11am!
I have tried to let go of expectations this holiday, to slow down, enjoy the board games (that often end in tears from the ‘loser’), to try to find 5 minutes of quiet time and not resent the interruptions after 45 seconds.
My holiday highlights reel looks quite impressive so far, a 5km run along the bike track, a walk to some gorgeous waterfalls with the whole family, ice cream with the bub, coffee at a cafe with hubby, a few chapters of my book read, and some bargain buys at a local op shop. We have been to the park, played dominoes and Lego creationary, spotted kangaroos, deer, cockatiels, kookaburras, and parrots. It truly is a lovely place, which is why we make the long journey here every year. But amidst the joy, lovely family moments and fun, there are children who whine and whinge, fighting siblings, a pile of unending dishes to wash, a hubby very cross with his beloved cricket team doing so badly, and a baby who has decided he doesn’t want an afternoon sleep!
Family life! It is my joy and pain, my true love and source of great frustration.
The book I am reading has a very relevant passage for me
“Each moment is an opportunity-to be generous, to show compassion, to say a kind or encouraging word. Do not miss the moments; they pass us by so quickly.
The ordinary moments-family dinners, time spent with your children in the park, quiet times with God- may seem insignificant, but over a lifetime, those moments amount to something extraordinary.”

“For this I was born” Brian Houston

Reflecting on these words today has encouraged and blessed me, I may not get it all right all the time, but I can try moment by moment to listen, love, play, and be present in the family and world I have been placed within!
Happy holidays xxx


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