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Where to from here?

on January 7, 2014


Sometimes I feel like this little chap, the whole world is going on around me and it can feel quite overwhelming! I want to sit back, watch the big kids play, reflect and ponder, before I leap into the playground of life once more!

It’s 2014, time to release the old and embrace the new…unless the old is good, then hold fast to it!
Some 2013 stuff I’m carrying with me into this year and beyond….

-My family and friends, that goes without saying, but I hope this year will be about taking more time with those I love, being intentional with the time we have together and really listening to them (a skill I definitely need to develop)

– My faith, praying that this year is a year of deepening in my spiritual walk, (again, learn to listen Louise!)

– My training, running and pole fitness, I love the challenges, fun and sense of accomplishment in these activities, as well as the beautiful new friends I have made through these pastimes.

– My love for chaplaincy, I am excited to be entering my 5th year as a Christian Pastoral Support worker at a local primary school. Supporting the children, parents and staff here is truly an honour and blessing.

So I’m holding fast to that which is good in my life, but also have some other dreams and goals for the coming year….

But let me just ponder them a little more before I share.


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