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Here’s to dance, tricky moves and celebrating progress!

on January 13, 2014


Tonight I was just looking through my iPhone notes app, and found my pole moves “note”. It is such a good way to track progress and very encouraging to see how far you have come and how much you have learnt.
After a tough couple of pole classes late last year I got my shoulder mount…looks easy but is devilishly difficult, you need a lot of upper body and core strength to execute it.
One very happy celebration dance followed!
My splits are still a work in progress and I never devote (or have) enough time to practise them.
There are so many beautiful moves I want to learn and I would love to incorporate more of a dance element to my training. With these goals in mind this year I have signed up to become an elite member at the pole dance studio I attend.
For an extra few dollars a week I can go to the dance and fitness classes as well as my regular pole class.
I’m soooooo excited and the extra flex n stretch class will really help me with both front and middle splits, and the dance classes will help me tap into my dancing creativity and expression.

I’m not sure if it’s just me but pole progress is a sneaky thing, you struggle for weeks and then “BANG” it all comes together and you can invert, balance, grip….whatever you couldn’t do last week, all of a sudden you can NOW do….and do it well, and do it easily…it’s quite bizarre, but it’s like a wonderful surprise gift that your body gives to you.

Tonight we went over our Superman, Princess and side climbs…I failed…I bruised, I felt exhausted. 😳 I needed at least one positive experience to go home with, what COULD I get right tonight and achieve?
I got my outside leg hang (Gemini) a few weeks back, but hadn’t really mastered the inside leg (Scorpio) , so at the end of my difficult class, when we had a few moments I tried it out. “So up I went, and the Scorpio was mine, “Ta Dah!!”
What a great feeling and I just wish I’d given someone my camera!

Never give up, always look for improvements and celebrate the small achievements as well as the major ones, the same is true for much of life, embrace progress, even if it is slow. Slow and steady wins the race. Don’t compare, measure your own progress, it’s really quite a freeing and encouraging exercise. Keep practising, keep on going, keep loving, keep working towards your goals. In the words of Cornelius Robinson (Meet the Robinsons ) “Keep moving forward”

This is how the Superman move SHOULD look! I’ll get there soon…I will, I will, I WILL!


Thank you to for these fab comics!


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