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Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?

on January 19, 2014


I’ve been thinking about how I’d like to go into this year refreshed, more present and mindful as well as all the other hopes, dreams, goals I would like to work towards. My first thing I need to work on is my lack of sleep. I tend to stay up late watching tv, playing on my phone, looking up YouTube clips, reading articles on all manner of interesting but sometimes inane subjects, and then at 5.30am my dear little man wakes up ready for the day! Now this isn’t so much of a problem in school holiday time as I can go back to bed when he does, but I go back to work next week and that just isn’t going to work! So my goal this week is to start going to bed earlier and get my phone switched off, allowing me 30 mins of reading, prayer, reflection time before sleeping…
Night 1….in bed by 10.45pm, woke at 11pm to an almighty thunder and lightening storm, I love lightening and was so tempted to get up and watch the light show, as my hubby was. But then the ‘visitors’ starting arriving in my bedroom….my 5 year old came in, hugging me tight, so we talked about how the fields needed rain and prayed the rain would reach the bush fire affected places, we watched a few lightening bolts and agreed it was a marvellous beautiful sight.
Next came the dalmation, she’s a silly old doggy who’s petrified of storms, so she settled down next to the bed, peeking up at my son and I whenever the thunder roared. Then came the baby, brought in by his daddy, for a big cuddle. So by the time we actually all got to sleep it was almost midnight….mission early night derailed!
Next night, I turned my phone off at 10pm, ✔️ for me!
At 10.30pm after a little read I settled down to sleep. 10.36pm baby is crying…went in to settle him, went back to bed, 10.47pm more crying…up again…this went on…. And on….long story short my dear bub cried on and off all night, we found 2 big molars coming through so I’m guessing they were the reason for the crying.
So much for early nights and waking refreshed…pass me the coffee and energy drink today!
As for tonight….I might get into bed at 9pm!



One response to “Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?

  1. I am the same! I don’t have children of course, but I have the best intentions of getting in to bed and SLEEPING but it just doesn’t happen. I even have an alarm on my phone that goes off at 9pm every night telling me to get ready for bed.
    IG and Youtube and FB are just too interesting unfortunately.

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