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Protein powder taste testing

on January 21, 2014


I have protein powder! Lots of it! I feel like a bro, a proper body builder. My friend from Bulk Nutrients gave me lots of flavours to try out when I bought the 1 kg bag of chocolate. (No need to taste test chocolate before first buy, it’s usually a safe choice)
So here is my review.
Vanilla…made lemon protein bars with this, it baked well and tasted yummy.
Choc mint…DELICIOUS my favourite so far, tastes like an after dinner mint!
Cookies and cream…too sweet for my liking but tasted very creamy and decadent.
Piña colada…I’m a piña colada cocktail girl so was very curious as to what this flavour would taste like. It was very sweet, and may have been better mixed with water or a fruit juice.
Chocolate…awesome, amazing, mixes really well.
I’m definitely going to buy the choc mint and vanilla again, I would like to try a strawberry too. Which protein do you recommend?


One response to “Protein powder taste testing

  1. Yay! So excited to have read this. I have been having the chocolate in my oats every morning for breakfast. I wanted to try Choc Mint but wasn’t sure – might order it next time 🙂 I have tried Vanilla but I get over it quickly. I bought Banana last time and I like that too – have only have it with water so far 🙂

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