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Yesterday’s successes!


1. My boy and I played with a peg jigsaw I had put away for him for when he’s bigger. It seems he is bigger already!

2. I played on my new brass 45mm pole and finally got the courage, strength, determination and balance to get my butterfly move right! This has been my nemesis for a few months now, so glad I got it!

3. I managed to find 15 minutes to read my bible and journal a couple of phrases, ‘Father of lights’ and ‘perfect law of liberty’. Had a ponder on them!

4. Helped my kids with their reading and homework, always so special to see them learn and develop, and actually want me to be part of that journey (at the moment)

5. Went to a seriously brutal stretch and flex class, I didn’t know whether to cry, pass out or laugh! I love stretching so it’s ok…I also love the results and strength that comes with flexibility!
We were working our side splits, so close now….the instructor even put a block under my front leg….that’s how close I am!!!! C’mon!!!!!!

6. Was in bed by 10.30pm, and read a little of Mark Sayers book, ‘The road trip that changed the world.’
Good night, Thank you Jesus!

7. Almost forgot…got a little 30 min run in with my faithful four legged friend this morning too! WIN!





Day 8 of Rockin legs n abs

Ouch ouch ouch! So after 8 days of stretching, circling, squatting, lunging, pointing and flexing, here are my week 1 progress pix




I’m really impressed with the progress, but I know I’ve still got a way to go especially with my middles.
I didn’t have the rest days as suggested on the beginners challenge but on nights I had pole I only did the stretches at class not the DVD.
I have tried to do the high kicks and leg holds chapters even though I find them impossible, I’m hoping for progress there too! I’ll take a picture of my leg holds tomorrow so I can track how my flexibility is improving.
Will post more pictures next week.
Persistence, consistency and pink legwarmers!


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Hands Free Mama…the first week


This is the book I had been so excited to read, but knew for a certainty it would require guts, honesty and speak
some home truths into my family life.

I confess, I have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, messaging, internet and a plethora of interesting apps on my phone, ranging from my fitness pal, to spark recipes, from eBay to Thomas the tank engine games.
I can sometimes waste so much time flitting from app to app, social media to the weather forecast, head down immersed in the information my phone feeds me, all the while missing what’s going on in the same room where I’m sitting.
I need this book! I have 5 children, a hubby and two dogs all vying for my attention, and often they are competing against a YouTube clip, a work or ministry email, or a friend on Facebook. Now I’m not going to be going all Amish, reverting to writing letters and deleting my Facebook account, but I need to find the balance…this is where this book will hopefully shine a little light!

With anticipation I got out my new journal and started…
The first thing that grabbed my attention was the Hands Free pledge,
Here is an excerpt…

“I’m becoming Hands free.
I want to make memories, not to-do lists,
I want to feel the squeeze of my child’s arms, not the pressure of overcommitment…”

“I’m letting go of distraction, disconnection and perfection to live a life that simply, so very simply, consists of what really matters.”

I really do want these things…can it really be as simple as turning off my phone?

The first challenge is to switch off for set periods of time a day, for 30 mins, for an hour. To make that conscious decision to push aside the distractions and concentrate on what is truly important in your life.

This is my first task…and I’m really trying to be aware of the times I can check emails etc, I’m putting my phone into my bag when there is homework to help with or choir songs to listen to,
It’s a start….
I’m hoping that this awareness will lead to me having more time to enjoy my children, and be really present in their lives. To read an extra book at bedtime, to sit on their bed and chat about their day, to notice their faces when their favourite show comes on tv or they learn a new word.
The pay offs are going to be huge!
Ok I’m logging off now…

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Rockin legs n abs – Days 1-4


The challenge is set!
Day 1-
Did the DVD….OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!! What the….
Hardest exercise DVD I have EVER done, not for the cardio but for the muscle burn, the movements, the speed, the contortions!
But I remain undaunted….
Here is my starting point


I’ll take weekly pictures and see how much improvement I make in 30 days.

Day 2- I did the full DVD again, my legs shook, my feet cramped, but I knew how to get into some of the pretzel like positions so I enjoyed it much more.

Day 3- Today I missed a little bit of the leg hold section but definitely can see a little more flexibility coming along. Although my splits didn’t seem to be as good tonight. I messaged Cleo herself on her Facebook page….and she answered me! What a sweetie.
Here’s her reply, she’s a wise lady!

Day 4 – I had a stretch n flex class at the dance studio, some exercises were similar but mostly different, and we had the bonus of poles to lean on and other girls to help support and push limbs around!

Looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow..

Hands free mama post coming up next…as for now gotta get off the computer, go hands free and get hands on with my crying bubby!


Hands free, Rockin legs n abs mama!


Two new challenges for this month
1. Rockin legs n abs by Cleo the Hurricane
2. Hands free mama by Rachel Macy Stafford

Both challenges are going to be incredibly hard, one will challenge my body to be stretched, strengthened and flexed, the other will help me to let go of the distractions that rob me of time with those I love.
So it is with trepidation and excitement that I start this journey, come with me if you will 💖

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Organic co-op…I’m in one!


I was so excited last year when a friend told me she was starting up an organic fruit and veggie co-op. It took a lot of research, planning and organising from her, but our little co-op is officially up and running.
I’m not terribly informed about organic produce but I know it’s good for you, so that’s enough for me!
I was on the first packing roster so I was excited to get the call that the veggies were here!


Lots of colourful boxes, overflowing with organic goodness awaited.
We weighed, measured, and packed the 14 boxes. It was such fun and I felt like a child playing green grocers!

There are 13 families in our co-op but we all put in an extra few dollars and make up a “love box”. This box may go to a family doing it tough, suffering with an illness or a newly arrived migrant. The first love box was received with tears and thanks. I’m so proud of my friend to integrate that kindness and generosity into our groups values.

My beautiful box contained the most amazing grapes I have EVER eaten! Peaches, onions, potatoes, apples and much more. I am looking forward to this Tuesdays box, and sampling the delicious home grown flavours, supporting local farmers and giving my family produce free from herbicides and nasty chemicals.


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