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Organic co-op…I’m in one!

on February 16, 2014


I was so excited last year when a friend told me she was starting up an organic fruit and veggie co-op. It took a lot of research, planning and organising from her, but our little co-op is officially up and running.
I’m not terribly informed about organic produce but I know it’s good for you, so that’s enough for me!
I was on the first packing roster so I was excited to get the call that the veggies were here!


Lots of colourful boxes, overflowing with organic goodness awaited.
We weighed, measured, and packed the 14 boxes. It was such fun and I felt like a child playing green grocers!

There are 13 families in our co-op but we all put in an extra few dollars and make up a “love box”. This box may go to a family doing it tough, suffering with an illness or a newly arrived migrant. The first love box was received with tears and thanks. I’m so proud of my friend to integrate that kindness and generosity into our groups values.

My beautiful box contained the most amazing grapes I have EVER eaten! Peaches, onions, potatoes, apples and much more. I am looking forward to this Tuesdays box, and sampling the delicious home grown flavours, supporting local farmers and giving my family produce free from herbicides and nasty chemicals.



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