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Rockin legs n abs – Days 1-4

on February 18, 2014


The challenge is set!
Day 1-
Did the DVD….OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!! What the….
Hardest exercise DVD I have EVER done, not for the cardio but for the muscle burn, the movements, the speed, the contortions!
But I remain undaunted….
Here is my starting point


I’ll take weekly pictures and see how much improvement I make in 30 days.

Day 2- I did the full DVD again, my legs shook, my feet cramped, but I knew how to get into some of the pretzel like positions so I enjoyed it much more.

Day 3- Today I missed a little bit of the leg hold section but definitely can see a little more flexibility coming along. Although my splits didn’t seem to be as good tonight. I messaged Cleo herself on her Facebook page….and she answered me! What a sweetie.
Here’s her reply, she’s a wise lady!

Day 4 – I had a stretch n flex class at the dance studio, some exercises were similar but mostly different, and we had the bonus of poles to lean on and other girls to help support and push limbs around!

Looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow..

Hands free mama post coming up next…as for now gotta get off the computer, go hands free and get hands on with my crying bubby!


7 responses to “Rockin legs n abs – Days 1-4

  1. Tara Jane says:

    That looks like a challenge! Good job though – I love before and after pictures so I can’t wait to see the progress in 30 days!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your progress, happy for you that you are going after this goal xx

  3. I started welk with the challenge (was actually doing the full dvd 4 times a week) but I ran out of steam after week 2 – think I was running out of time/energy after uni and work and got a little frustrated that if anything the workout was getting harder, not easier, to do! Really should get back on it though!

    Well done you – you’re already pretty flexi too which is a bonus 🙂

    • Hi originalribenababy, (haven’t had ribena for years!)
      I’ve been trying to get to splits for months, get so far then give up, this blog will keep me accountable! It’s a really hard DVD isn’t it, those leg circles! Ouch 😰
      I’m hoping it gets easier, but maybe it’s the rest days that are important when first starting off? I’ve got pole tonight so it’s a kind of rest day 😍

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