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Yesterday’s successes!

on February 26, 2014


1. My boy and I played with a peg jigsaw I had put away for him for when he’s bigger. It seems he is bigger already!

2. I played on my new brass 45mm pole and finally got the courage, strength, determination and balance to get my butterfly move right! This has been my nemesis for a few months now, so glad I got it!

3. I managed to find 15 minutes to read my bible and journal a couple of phrases, ‘Father of lights’ and ‘perfect law of liberty’. Had a ponder on them!

4. Helped my kids with their reading and homework, always so special to see them learn and develop, and actually want me to be part of that journey (at the moment)

5. Went to a seriously brutal stretch and flex class, I didn’t know whether to cry, pass out or laugh! I love stretching so it’s ok…I also love the results and strength that comes with flexibility!
We were working our side splits, so close now….the instructor even put a block under my front leg….that’s how close I am!!!! C’mon!!!!!!

6. Was in bed by 10.30pm, and read a little of Mark Sayers book, ‘The road trip that changed the world.’
Good night, Thank you Jesus!

7. Almost forgot…got a little 30 min run in with my faithful four legged friend this morning too! WIN!





2 responses to “Yesterday’s successes!

  1. Happy for you that you’re reaching your pole goals. Love the photo with your dog; its so pretty where you live.

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