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Lent and becoming a Hands free mama

on March 6, 2014


As a busy mama with children, a job, family and church commitments, and my love for running and dancing, I have decided Lent is the perfect opportunity to try going a little more hands free!
What’s Lent about?
Lent is a time when Christians prepare themselves for Easter, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a time of reflection, prayer and self denial, hence why some give up chocolate or alcohol or swearing…you get the gist! (Yes Christians have been known to swear and drink!!!! 😜)
The 40 days of lent refers to the 40 days of Jesus’ temptation in the desert. Sundays are not traditionally included in the 40 days of Lent as Sunday is a day of celebration and rest. (Which means you can eat your chocolate guilt free on Sundays!)
You don’t have to be a religious person to observe Lent, it can be a family or cultural tradition or just a good time to kick a habit!

What am I “giving up” for Lent?
I’ve decided to observe a “Facebook fast”
Some may think that’s easy and a cop out compared to chocolate, and maybe for some it is. I am hoping to claw back the time that I spend updating my statuses, posting pictures, liking and tagging, poking and deleting, and use it for good.

Good for my family, I can talk to them and look at them in the eye, rather than looking at a screen and not really hearing them.

Good for my brain, I can read a book and go to sleep earlier, without that “one last check” on FB!

Good for my body, more time to stretch, run, dance!

Good for my soul, more time to pray, meditate, reflect, ponder.

Good for friendships, conversations aren’t stunted by “it’s ok I know…I saw it on Facebook!” News actually becomes news, more to talk about, share and discuss.

I must admit, it’s very tempting and quite hard at the moment (it’s only 2 days in…help!) but I know the benefits are going to outweigh the temptation.

Now if you’re reading this through FB, or see any pix from Instagram on FB, I’m not cheating, I upload these straight from the app!

Do you observe Lent? What are you giving up?



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