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Running buddy, if you don’t have one, get one!

on March 10, 2014



This week I did my first 10km run in ages, I’ve been dancing and stretching and getting a few little runs in between but nothing over 5kms. I’m ok with that, I’m busy, I’m trying to balance my home/fitness/faith journey and 5kms is still 5kms. But I do remember with much fondness my long runs, the routes, the conversations, the jelly beans, the fuel belt!
I was running regularly with a friend for months, early in the morning, weekends, after work….until I fell pregnant in 2011, we ran shorter distances while I was expecting and after I had bubby in August 2012 it was hard to schedule runs around my family commitments. So my running wifey was rather neglected. She is an amazing runner, completing ultra marathons, treks, and 24hour races before breakfast! She has always supported, encouraged and inspired me in my running.
So it was great to meet her at one of our usual running spots and chat, run, laugh, and enjoy the beautiful ocean views.
I was only planning on running for an hour (and I was very nervous about even that long) but at the 30 minute point my guru friend pointed out we had done 4.5km and how about we do another 500m to make it a 10km run? Who could argue with that logic?
The first half was definitely harder than the second, and I blame my brain for that, once we turned round I could relax into the run, and not stress about the distance. Running really is a mental challenge more than a physical one some days!
So it was with much joy, elation and happy hormones that I reached the end of the esplanade where I parked my car. 10kms done woo hoo! And a lovely 80 minutes of time spent with my running wifey. We’re making another date on Wednesday, can’t wait!



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