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My Splits training vs Running lament

on March 15, 2014


Hooray! I got two 10km runs in this week….
Boo….my flexibility has suffered as a consequence.
I knew running shortens your hamstrings and makes your muscles tighter, I just didn’t realise quite how much!
As you all know by now, I love running, so I am faced with quite a dilemma!

I ran with my Running Wifey on Wednesday and we enjoyed the gorgeous views, chatted away and beat last weeks 10km by 1 minute. (I’ll never be a sprinter that’s for sure)
I got back to the car happy, sweaty….and stiff! So after a couple of minutes stretching I drove home, had a hot shower and then had a proper big stretch. Ouch, ouch, ouch is all I can say!
By the next day after a little stroll with my mums n bubs group my legs felt 100% again.
I must admit I had my pole class on Thursday and didn’t do a big stretch session and Friday I only did a little one.
Today is Saturday, I did my 2nd run of the week, it was a beautiful run, and I enjoyed the autumnal weather and colours on the bike track. However I was super stiff at the end of it. So I spent a while stretching after the run and did my Cleo Rockin Legs and Abs DVD tonight…my splits were pitiful 😱
I tried doing my oversplits to get a little lower but to no avail…I’m not sure there will be much progress to report on my final week of the Splits challenge.
Tomorrow I’ll have another big stretch session with Cleo and get some pictures.
But it does seem that splits training and running don’t quite co-exist in harmony. I asked my pole teacher if weight training hampered flexibility too, she said yes, and that netball, sprinting, squats all do the same thing, i.e. shorten and tighten the muscles that need to be stretched and lengthened in order to gain your splits.

What are your thoughts? Are you super flexy as well as a runner?
Do you have any flexibility tips or tricks I can try?




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