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Pole fails, bumps and bruises

on March 19, 2014

If you’ve ever tried pole dancing, you will know that it is a dangerous sport! I have had people look at my bruised arms with concern, thinking I’m a battered wife, and this weeks class topped it off, I fell off the pole, right onto my noodle! We were recapping our cross leg release into bow and arrow, which should look like this…


However after doing this move I tried to come out of it gracefully, thinking my head was nearer the floor, I thought ‘I’ll drop into a headstand’ (what the heck was I thinking??? Must have been upsidedown for too long!)
Anyway “SMACK” went the top of my head into the floor and the rest of me came tumbling after, rather like the nursery rhyme Jill when Jack broke his crown!


It freaked me out a bit, and my pride was also bruised that night!
But I remember falling off a horse in my teenage years and my friend told me to get straight back on, even though I was hurt, crying and scared.
So, I took this attitude to my brass 45mm “horse” and got back on it!
It took the wind out of my sails that night, but I was determined to not let one scare put me off!

What scary pole fails have you experienced? Did it put you off?

How I wish I looked during pole dancing!

My Thursday night class reality!


One response to “Pole fails, bumps and bruises

  1. Skye says:

    I like this, as my massage client this week sucked and put me off massage, which I enjoy and am quiet the good at… I need to review my security protocol, but keep going forward 🙂

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