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Confessions and hope!

My macros were not great this weekend….
The Easter eggs sang their siren song to me….
I ate emotionally, mindlessly and in excess…
Today wasn’t much better…BUT…
Tomorrow is a brand new day, a day to make good choices,
A day to love and connect,
A day to be mindful and present,
A day to enjoy not endure,
A day to get on track and find my rhythm after 2 weeks of school holidays,
Tuesday is looking great, a massage, helping pack our co-op’s organic veggies, stretch class followed by pole class, mind, body and soul all catered for!
One day at a time sweet Jesus!


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RLNA Hardcore challenge


Time to get serious! For the next month I’ll be attempting the Hardcore challenge from Cleo the Hurricane’s Rockin Legs n Abs DVD.
You may remember I did the beginners challenge about 6 weeks ago, so I’ve taken some time off, continued to stretch regularly but now need to up the ante and progress towards my oversplits and get lower in those dreaded middles!
So here is a couple of start pix,
Unfortunately my dear son deleted my middles one…I’ll get another one on Sunday 😳


I’m in an intermediate 3 class at pole and we are starting to do more and more moves that require splits, this is my motivation!
Here’s a little comic from Pole dancing adventures that illustrates the reason behind my splits training rather well.


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Run fat dog run!

After his visit to the vets today, It’s official, my dog is obese! I guess me cutting back on my running to take up dancing might have had a factor in my fatty boombah doggy’s plight!

Oh well, just another reason to keep up my morning walks with the pram and pooch!


So in the spirit of progress and accountability, here is my darling doggy’s BEFORE picture!

Who knows if there will ever be an after picture, he is such a greedy boy. The vet told me I have to cut out his treats (ie kids leftovers) as well as exercise him more. Oh the responsibility of being a pet owner!
I’m not measuring him or anything extreme like that but he has a vets check up in a month so I’ll see how a bit more exercise and less leftovers affect the champ’s physique!

Here are a few fun facts about my curvy canine friend!
Name: Hiro,
Breed: Cross breed, (suspected part dingo)
Age: 2 years old
Interests: eating and barking at people passing by
Starting weight: 19kg




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Easter eggs….my dilemma!


As much as Easter is not primarily about chocolate and eggs, it is a rather delicious addition to the resurrection celebration! I have been given a few eggs and bunnies, delicious Marvellous Creations ones….yum yum!
Here is my dilemma:
1. Eat them all up today and feel sick, but then get back on track tomorrow with my IIFYM plan or…
2. Eat them over a week period, fitting them into my meal plan, (which will require me cutting out some of my more filling and nutritious carbs to make way for the naughtys)

I know the second option is the sensible grown up thing to do….but my inner 5 year old wants to eat all chocolate in sight!!!!

In the past I have gone the binge-guilt-over exercise route, which is not a good pattern to get into. I remember eating so many mince pies one Christmas and then punishing myself with an hour run, and then doing it all over again the next day and the next day. A lovely friend who had been tracking my food and exercise diary on Myfitnesspal pulled me up on my worrying behaviour, as she was concerned that it could develop into an eating disorder. As I’m someone who’s weight has yo-yoed between 51kg and 76kg over the last 25 years that was a fair call, and one I’m mindful of. The purging of food by excessive exercise is becoming more and more common and more socially acceptable in our ‘Biggest loser’ culture of temptation, reward and last chance training.
Now when I have a big workout or run I go because I want to run, not because I’ve stuffed myself silly the night before.
So I guess I’ve solved my own dilemma, act like a grown up, enjoy and savour my choccy treats in moderation, without the guilt that drives me to exercise like a crazed gym bunny!
How many Easter eggs did you get this year? And to pinch a catchphrase “How do you eat yours?”

And here’s a little more proof that I really don’t want to eat that deluxe egg in one sitting!


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Lent: the fast is finished!

My 40 day Facebook fast is over! Hooray…I think? I did cheat a bit in the last 2 weeks after my son broke his arm and went into hospital (twice), it was easy to keep relatives informed and then once you’re on there, there’s all sorts of gossip to catch up on! 😜 However during this time of abstinence, I did succumb to the evils of the “Frozen Free Fall” game my 10 yo daughter installed for me. Those brightly coloured crystals sure were seductive! I spent lots of time on the game over a couple of weeks, until I came to my senses and deleted the time wasting, life sucking game off my phone! Isn’t it funny how we often replace one unhealthy addictive habit with another one so easily, or maybe that’s just me? 😳
So now Lent is over, Facebook is back! But I want to restrict my use to a more healthy level. Any suggestions?

While I was off Facey I did have more time to read, play with the kids and just be a bit more hands free. I want to maintain that space, it felt good. To be honest, trawling through the newsfeed is sometimes enough to make you depressed, envious, discontented, and just plain angry, unless there are weddings, celebrations and babies…and even they can become a source of angst, with comparisons and family debacles following.

Did you observe Lent this year? Did you manage to go the full 40 days without chocolate, tv, beer, social media etc?
Would you do it again?
I really like the idea of Lent and now have a year to think about next years theme.
Of course Lent is just the lead up to the most important season on the Christian calendar, from Maundy Thursday to Resurrection Sunday, Easter is a wonderful time to reflect, meditate and celebrate God’s love for us! (And eat chocolate 😜)
Our family had a wonderful Easter time, we went to church, we read stories of the first Easter, had a chocolate egg hunt, a family meal and get together, and enjoyed the glorious Australian sunshine! (And I managed to squeeze an 8km run in too! πŸ‘πŸƒ)

For Banksy fans, here is one of his latest pieces


(link if you’re interested in this interesting story of public art and who should own it)

Ownership rights aside, I think this is a beautiful painting that both challenges and encourages me in my quest to live a little more Hands free

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A month of IIFYM eating, so far, so good!


So after lamenting my flabby bits, (see ‘Mummy’s midriff musings’ blog entry) I set to work this month. I have added some weights sessions, I have taken bubs and doggy out most mornings for an early walk to the local shop, (I have been buying the squeezy yoghurt for Bubba instead of choccy at the shops), and I have been following the IIFYM plan, (If it fits your macros). I’ve heard a lot of good things about this “flexible diet” thingy so I went onto their website, checked it out, and calculated my macros (protein, carbs, fat and fibre) according to my age, weight, current level of activity and desired outcomes (ie lose weight/bulk up/maintain etc). I forgot to tick the gender box so my first lot of macros were based on being a man- um no!
Anyway once we’d established I was indeed female I got the macros calculated.
I use myfitnesspal to log my foods and keep track of the macros, it takes a bit of forethought and organisation but I’m loving the flexibility of it. Yesterday I chose to have a hot cross bun for breakfast so I cut my carb intake throughout the day. I’d much rather have an Easter bun than a dollop of mash any day! I’m eating a lot of lean protein and making up my fat quota with peanut butter, having butter on my vegs, or using more olive oil, tough gig hey?
I’m not hungry, instead of being on a 1200 cal weight loss plan, I’m eating closer to 1450 a day, and still losing weight, I feel like I have more energy and know I’m putting good food into my body. I guess it’s another way I’m learning to apply balance in my life, eating well across the food groups, and utilizing the veggies from the organic co-op I’m in!
In the first couple of weeks I’ve lost almost 2kgs, which is a fabulous result for me. The measurements are going down too, which is the main thing, happy danceπŸ’ƒ
I’ll post kgs and cms lost at the end of each month, as that will keep me accountable, as well as my splits progress (which is going quite well thank you very much!)

If you want to try IIFYM for yourself, you can look on their website or even better… pop over to Healthy Chelsea ‘s blog. Chelsea is studying health and nutrition and will calculate your macros for a small fee of $10 which is going straight to her chosen charity of Women’s cancer research. You win, she wins, and the charity wins….which in turn could save your life one day….everyone’s a winner πŸ˜ƒ</



Finding a healthy life amongst the crazy!


Wagons have been fallen off of, exercise has been a little less intense, food choices have not been exemplary…guess what? It happens!
Life with all it’s glorious twists and turns sometimes gets in the way of the best laid plans. First it was Christmas, then New Year, then holidays, then back to work, and the list of obstacles to healthy eating and a solid exercise plan just seems to grow.
Excuses excuses you may say, and yes sometimes I have made excuses, but for the most part, life as a mum of 5 with lots of commitments can be crazy busy, crammed, overwhelming and just exhausting.
My pole classes and stretching have been great, though the ‘at home’ stretching has been a little lacking of late.
So with the Easter holidays almost upon us, I’m going to see what small consistent changes I can make in my day to make room and energy for my (and the families) health.
What could that look like for us?

1. Less chocolate, more fruit as treats.
2. Less of consoles, more playing in the garden or walks to the park.

(Master 6 has unfortunately broken his arm so no scootering/swimming etc for him 😣)
2 small changes, surely we can do that?

As for me, I’m starting back on the weight training 2-3 times a week, combined with dance and stretching that should be enough to go on with.
Unfortunately it seems my trail running aspirations are going to be postponed this year, but I’ll leave that story for another time.


Weight training in the garden, great until the kids drop a dumbbell on their toes 😱
Done safely it can work!

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