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A month of IIFYM eating, so far, so good!

on April 19, 2014


So after lamenting my flabby bits, (see ‘Mummy’s midriff musings’ blog entry) I set to work this month. I have added some weights sessions, I have taken bubs and doggy out most mornings for an early walk to the local shop, (I have been buying the squeezy yoghurt for Bubba instead of choccy at the shops), and I have been following the IIFYM plan, (If it fits your macros). I’ve heard a lot of good things about this “flexible diet” thingy so I went onto their website, checked it out, and calculated my macros (protein, carbs, fat and fibre) according to my age, weight, current level of activity and desired outcomes (ie lose weight/bulk up/maintain etc). I forgot to tick the gender box so my first lot of macros were based on being a man- um no!
Anyway once we’d established I was indeed female I got the macros calculated.
I use myfitnesspal to log my foods and keep track of the macros, it takes a bit of forethought and organisation but I’m loving the flexibility of it. Yesterday I chose to have a hot cross bun for breakfast so I cut my carb intake throughout the day. I’d much rather have an Easter bun than a dollop of mash any day! I’m eating a lot of lean protein and making up my fat quota with peanut butter, having butter on my vegs, or using more olive oil, tough gig hey?
I’m not hungry, instead of being on a 1200 cal weight loss plan, I’m eating closer to 1450 a day, and still losing weight, I feel like I have more energy and know I’m putting good food into my body. I guess it’s another way I’m learning to apply balance in my life, eating well across the food groups, and utilizing the veggies from the organic co-op I’m in!
In the first couple of weeks I’ve lost almost 2kgs, which is a fabulous result for me. The measurements are going down too, which is the main thing, happy dance💃
I’ll post kgs and cms lost at the end of each month, as that will keep me accountable, as well as my splits progress (which is going quite well thank you very much!)

If you want to try IIFYM for yourself, you can look on their website or even better… pop over to Healthy Chelsea ‘s blog. Chelsea is studying health and nutrition and will calculate your macros for a small fee of $10 which is going straight to her chosen charity of Women’s cancer research. You win, she wins, and the charity wins….which in turn could save your life one day….everyone’s a winner 😃</



2 responses to “A month of IIFYM eating, so far, so good!

  1. Hi Louise
    Thank you so much for sharing my fundraising initiative! So far I have raisd $100 from calculating macros and giving some small yet helpful nutritional and exercise advice.
    Also, I am so happy for you about the 2kg weight loss. I was the same as you – my weight just wouldn’t budge past a certain number, but now everything is all good.
    Keep it up ❤

  2. Tara Jane says:

    So exciting to hear that Chelsea has been able to help again 🙂

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