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Lent: the fast is finished!

on April 20, 2014

My 40 day Facebook fast is over! Hooray…I think? I did cheat a bit in the last 2 weeks after my son broke his arm and went into hospital (twice), it was easy to keep relatives informed and then once you’re on there, there’s all sorts of gossip to catch up on! 😜 However during this time of abstinence, I did succumb to the evils of the “Frozen Free Fall” game my 10 yo daughter installed for me. Those brightly coloured crystals sure were seductive! I spent lots of time on the game over a couple of weeks, until I came to my senses and deleted the time wasting, life sucking game off my phone! Isn’t it funny how we often replace one unhealthy addictive habit with another one so easily, or maybe that’s just me? 😳
So now Lent is over, Facebook is back! But I want to restrict my use to a more healthy level. Any suggestions?

While I was off Facey I did have more time to read, play with the kids and just be a bit more hands free. I want to maintain that space, it felt good. To be honest, trawling through the newsfeed is sometimes enough to make you depressed, envious, discontented, and just plain angry, unless there are weddings, celebrations and babies…and even they can become a source of angst, with comparisons and family debacles following.

Did you observe Lent this year? Did you manage to go the full 40 days without chocolate, tv, beer, social media etc?
Would you do it again?
I really like the idea of Lent and now have a year to think about next years theme.
Of course Lent is just the lead up to the most important season on the Christian calendar, from Maundy Thursday to Resurrection Sunday, Easter is a wonderful time to reflect, meditate and celebrate God’s love for us! (And eat chocolate 😜)
Our family had a wonderful Easter time, we went to church, we read stories of the first Easter, had a chocolate egg hunt, a family meal and get together, and enjoyed the glorious Australian sunshine! (And I managed to squeeze an 8km run in too! πŸ‘πŸƒ)

For Banksy fans, here is one of his latest pieces


(link if you’re interested in this interesting story of public art and who should own it)

Ownership rights aside, I think this is a beautiful painting that both challenges and encourages me in my quest to live a little more Hands free


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