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Easter eggs….my dilemma!

on April 21, 2014


As much as Easter is not primarily about chocolate and eggs, it is a rather delicious addition to the resurrection celebration! I have been given a few eggs and bunnies, delicious Marvellous Creations ones….yum yum!
Here is my dilemma:
1. Eat them all up today and feel sick, but then get back on track tomorrow with my IIFYM plan or…
2. Eat them over a week period, fitting them into my meal plan, (which will require me cutting out some of my more filling and nutritious carbs to make way for the naughtys)

I know the second option is the sensible grown up thing to do….but my inner 5 year old wants to eat all chocolate in sight!!!!

In the past I have gone the binge-guilt-over exercise route, which is not a good pattern to get into. I remember eating so many mince pies one Christmas and then punishing myself with an hour run, and then doing it all over again the next day and the next day. A lovely friend who had been tracking my food and exercise diary on Myfitnesspal pulled me up on my worrying behaviour, as she was concerned that it could develop into an eating disorder. As I’m someone who’s weight has yo-yoed between 51kg and 76kg over the last 25 years that was a fair call, and one I’m mindful of. The purging of food by excessive exercise is becoming more and more common and more socially acceptable in our ‘Biggest loser’ culture of temptation, reward and last chance training.
Now when I have a big workout or run I go because I want to run, not because I’ve stuffed myself silly the night before.
So I guess I’ve solved my own dilemma, act like a grown up, enjoy and savour my choccy treats in moderation, without the guilt that drives me to exercise like a crazed gym bunny!
How many Easter eggs did you get this year? And to pinch a catchphrase “How do you eat yours?”

And here’s a little more proof that I really don’t want to eat that deluxe egg in one sitting!



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