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Run fat dog run!

on April 22, 2014

After his visit to the vets today, It’s official, my dog is obese! I guess me cutting back on my running to take up dancing might have had a factor in my fatty boombah doggy’s plight!

Oh well, just another reason to keep up my morning walks with the pram and pooch!


So in the spirit of progress and accountability, here is my darling doggy’s BEFORE picture!

Who knows if there will ever be an after picture, he is such a greedy boy. The vet told me I have to cut out his treats (ie kids leftovers) as well as exercise him more. Oh the responsibility of being a pet owner!
I’m not measuring him or anything extreme like that but he has a vets check up in a month so I’ll see how a bit more exercise and less leftovers affect the champ’s physique!

Here are a few fun facts about my curvy canine friend!
Name: Hiro,
Breed: Cross breed, (suspected part dingo)
Age: 2 years old
Interests: eating and barking at people passing by
Starting weight: 19kg





One response to “Run fat dog run!

  1. Tara Jane says:

    Oh he is super adorable! I’m sure he will love going for walks with you again 🙂

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