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Carbs, carbs, carbs!

on May 8, 2014


My name is Louise and I am a Carboholic!
I’ve always used bread, cakes, biscuits and pastries as my drug of choice, and old habits die hard…well mine clearly hasn’t died at all, my carb habit was just taking a siesta and awoke this morning with a vengeance. Sadly, I am an addict.
My “nutrition” today consisted of:
Bircher muesli, home made cookies, (they were a Mother’s Day gift, it would be rude to turn them down!) white cheese rolls, muesli bar, Oreos, potato, and steak.
Oh well, tomorrow is another day!
On the plus side I have been stretching lots and now am working towards my oversplits, thank you Cleo and my stretch n flex instructors!
I’m really excited about my new dance classes too, will write more about them soon!
The fallout for today; my belly feels bloated, I’m lethargic and my brain feels sluggish….I’m guessing my body isn’t too impressed with my food choices today! I’m going to plan my meals for tomorrow and check my macros through “my fitness pal” and have a great day!
Hope you all do too!



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