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Dancing Queen, a little over 17!

on May 9, 2014


Not so long ago I was inspired by my 2 beautiful nieces to dance, not just jigging about on the dance floor at a party or swaying to a lively song at church, but learn how to dance, and to enjoy the creativity and freedom that dancing brings. My nieces are learning several disciplines of dance, ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, musical theatre and acrobatics…I may have missed some…they are busy girls, and my sister is a real life dance mom!
Anyway, I’m not doing ballet or tap…earthquake warning right there, but have started burlesque, pole flow, and hip hop as well as pole dancing.
I am loving the variety. There are those pole days when I just don’t have grip, strength or the mojo to achieve the new trick we’re learning, but I find pole flow or burlesque extremely satisfying, we learn a little routine to music, and we all leave feeling like Beyoncé!
I’ve only done one hip hop class so far and i loved it, it was challenging but really fun!


As well as four dance classes and two stretch classes I’m still working on my splits using Cleo the Hurricane’s Rockin legs n abs DVD. Here is me getting my foofah to the floor tonight!

Wish I’d pointed my toes!

Oh and after my carb overload yesterday, my macros were perfect today! Lots of protein; eggs, tuna, steak, veggies, protein bars, shake, almonds, berries, Greek yoghurt! Yummy and it feels good to be on track again.


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