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Priorities and balance in the chaos!

on November 1, 2014

So…I’m a kind of juggler, from my last post you may have gathered I put a lot on my plate, and keep the commitments up for a while, but life, kids, work, and crises sometimes get in the way!
Trying to work out “what goes and what stays” is a constant challenge for me. This weekend I’m going to have a look at my calendar, and pray about priorities.
This morning my priority is surviving the day…barely any sleep makes me a grumpy, boring, lethargic mummy…and I hate the feeling!
How do you work out your priorities?
I need to make time for
My faith, marriage, children, family, friends, fitness, study, work…these are the bare minimums.
Is it possible to do it all well? Or just be satisfied with “well enough”?



One response to “Priorities and balance in the chaos!

  1. christina says:

    ❤ I really love reading your blogs Louise 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing xo

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