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Secrets of a balanced life

on November 4, 2014

As promised, here are my musings of how I’m learning to live a balanced life.

Throw away the weekly planner
My life is too hectic to micro manage, my hubby and kids will always have changes to their day that affect mine. For me there’s a fine line between organisation and legalistic control. I am a control freak so having a planner is helpful when everything goes to plan…but that hasn’t happened since the dawn of time!
Alternative – have a daily plan, what are the kids commitments? appointments? things I’d like to get done?
But be realistic, I’m not going to run, shower, clean the house and get an assignment finished in the 2 hours my boy sleeps on an afternoon. Also he might only sleep 1 hour. Which leads me onto my next strategy…

Let go of expectations
If I CAN get a run in, or clean the kitchen, that’s great, if not then breathe and see what can be done, take time to play, cuddle a sick child, or talk about what’s going on at school. Sometimes our expectations and plans can blind us to the best opportunities to connect and love our family.

Don’t procrastinate, use the time you have
I’m guilty of thinking, I’ve only got 15 minutes, I can’t do anything in that time, and the week goes by and I still haven’t opened my study book, sorted out the kids toys or done a stretch session. But the 10 and 15 minutes soon add up over the day, so I can look at some of my tasks I’d like to do and break them into 10-15 min chunks. If I have half hour or longer then I can crack onto some study, even if it’s just looking at the textbook reading, or I can stretch while watching a tv show or playing trains on the floor…(middles splits are great for Choo choos to go under!)
Often I put off the bigger tasks, but I’m learning that even these can be split into smaller more manageable ones.


Seize the moment
Whether it’s a chance to encourage another mum with a text, visit your parents or make a train track with your children, don’t let that opportunity pass. For me that’s a mindfulness thing, am I aware of what is going on around me, or am I too busy on my phone, checking Facebook or washing dishes?

iPhone….do I need to elaborate?
I’m trying to leave my phone in another room when I have stuff to do, people to talk to or time to be still. Those beeps, rings and vibrations can be very seducing!

Multi task the menial if possible, but give your undivided attention to the people or tasks that really matter
I can bath the boys while cleaning the shower, walk with the dog and baby, cook tea while tidying the kitchen. But…when I chat to my hubby or kids, I need to put down the phone, or book. When I sit down to study, I need to switch off the tv and shut the door. When I spend time in prayer and meditation I need to go into a quiet room and guard that time. Be attentive in the moments.

This might all seem like simple common sense, but they will still require energy and motivation to follow through with them. I’m hoping this rhythm will be one my family thrives on, where productivity and self worth are raised. Where there are moments of calm in the chaos, and balance in the juggling!



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