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20 things to start doing

on November 5, 2014

I found this picture on the internet a while back and just loved it!
It totally fits in with my life ethos at present, so I’m going to make this a challenge, try to do at least one of these every day.
Today I am going to Pilates class at the pole studio Flirty fitness, so that’s number 14 done, and I do try to stretch everyday, either in a class, using Cleo’s DVD or in front of the tv doing my own stretches.
A lady today told me she was going to go to yoga this week for the first time, and was worried as she wasn’t very flexible. How proud was I to tell her that in the last year at 42 I can now do the splits! “Total brag moment!”

Tomorrow I am going to try a green tea and listen some peaceful music.


5 responses to “20 things to start doing

  1. Have you tried meditation? I’m considering downloading an app

    • louisew says:

      I dont meditate, but I pray daily (several times if the day is more crazy than usual), and i also have a mindfulness cd my psych gave me which is awesome too! Let me know what app you try and if you fibd it helpful, xx

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