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Green tea, Christmas craft and happy clothes!

on November 7, 2014

Yesterday I said I would try green tea…I did…it was foul!


But I did do something fun! I went to a Playgroups SA Christmas Craft workshop. I help run a playgroup at the school I work in, and we got lots of ideas at the “training” morning. ( I get paid to make cool stuff for toddlers – best job ever!)


A tick for art and creativity, a big fat cross for green tea!

Today’s task was wear clothes that make you happy…Black Milk
leggings are my favourite at the moment! Today’s choice made a lot of people happy from the comments I got too. Star Wars leggings!!!



Wear what makes you happy! If tracky pants and uggys make you happy, embrace the comfort, if high heels and skinny jeans make you happy, go for it! Swirl in a skater skirt and wear pretty undies! Don't listen to those out there that say you're too short, tall, skinny, fat, old, young to wear certain clothes , within reason…sometimes our best friends just HAVE to say something, because slouching around in pyjamas all day, for weeks might be because we're depressed, not because PJs make us happy, or if parts of your personal anatomy are showing (and you don't want them to!)
But otherwise wear bright colours, experiment with different accessories, do you like hats? Wear one! Do you like stilettos? Find somewhere to wear them out or strut up and down your living room with a vacuum cleaner like Freddy Mercury!

Break free from the mundane and be happy!
If you think you might be struggling with depression, please talk to someone, a friend, GP, counsellor or one of the many online resources or phone lines. Do not be ashamed or afraid, there are many of us who need a little extra help at different times in our life.
Here are a few great websites to start with.


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