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It’s the little things…

on November 9, 2014

One of the challenges is to stop and appreciate the little things…
Today I appreciated the beautiful flowers from a friend’s garden.


I loved seeing my two little boys playing outside on their cosy coupe car, one inside, one on top. Watching their smiles, squeals and thrill as they careered around the garden was truly precious.

And what joy I had in buying Advent calendars for my 5 children, lining them up along the piano and feeling excited that Christmas is on it’s way, with all the celebrations, joy, festivities and traditions to come.

Next week I’m heading into the Christian bookshop to get our “Jesus” advent calendar and look at some Advent resources to use at home and work. This is becoming a tradition in itself, with my Mum and I having a coffee in the bookshop cafe and browsing the books, gifts and music, while the little one plays in the play area.

How are you delighting in the small things of life?
How are you preparing for Christmas? I’m already thinking about missions for Elwyn and Elsie the kindness elves.
Make sure you stop to smell the roses, see your child’s grin and enjoy your family legacy.



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