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Procrastination…the thief of time!

on November 13, 2014

One of the 20 challenges I’m trying to do is to “stop procrastinating”
There’s a saying “Don’t put off ’til tomorrow what can be done today”. Wise words…
I wonder what are some of the reasons to procrastinate?

Mine are…
I can’t be bothered,
Other stuff needs doing,
I’ve got plenty of time to get it done,
Oh look a shiny object,
I wonder who’s on Facebook?

I bet you can relate!
Not procrastinating takes energy, and focus and discipline sometimes. Doing the horrible chore, finishing an assignment (or worse…starting one), going for a run, doing your tax return or contacting someone who you need to talk to but know it will be awkward. These all require a level of motivation, whether it’s ticking a to do list, a reward after finishing it, or the satisfaction of a job well done!

What motivates you to get stuff done?
At the moment I have an essay to finish and my monthly spot at worship leading at church to plan, but it’s hot, and the paddling pool needs filling up, tea needs to be cooked, washing has to be put out and there’s lots more time tonight when the children are asleep…..see it’s not so easy is it?

But as I was thinking about the peril of procrastination it dawned on me that it can be very dangerous, and lead to the tragedy of a half lived life. If you have children you may be familiar with the phrases “Not now, maybe tomorrow”, “Next time we will”, “Perhaps in the holidays”.
How often are those promises kept? It’s so easy to put things off, there’s always pressing needs and other “stuff” to do. But how about instead of putting that bike ride, that beach walk, that story time, that baking session off, if we grabbed the opportunity if at all possible, and if not making a firm time or date to do it. How many more memories and fun times we would have. When we make that awkward phone call, what relief we feel, no more worrying about how it might turn out, when we get that horrible chore out of the way, we can be free the rest of the day from the nagging of what needs to be done and get on with life!
So I’m watching the children playing in the pool, enjoying the sunshine, the laughter of my boys and sun on my face, because actually I’ve been promising to get the pool out for ages, but guess what…I put it off! I can plan the church songs while I’m watching,
It will be an easy tea and I will finish my assignment tonight. Everyone’s happy!




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