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Shifting the goal posts a little!

Sometimes you just have to take stock of your goals, consider life commitments, family, study, etc and readjust your original plan!
I’m crossing out the running a half marathon goal! Not because I don’t love it or don’t enjoy the thrill of a long run but because of my time constraints, a squeaky knee, and the fact that it hinders my other goal of middle splits training. I also have some other exciting things in the pipeline which will be taking up a fair bit of my time and energy, which I will share at a later date.
As I’ve already done 3 half marathons and a full one, I’m not too fussed at changing this goal. So my alternate goal is another physical challenge, which will complement my flexibility training and will increase both my cardio capacity and strength. Pole practice!
I can practice at home and can sneak in a 20 minute session more easily than building up running kilometres and needing a babysitter to boot.
I will be practicing fundamental moves, building up my upper body and core strength, developing my balance and flexibility.
Here are the current moves I’ll be practicing.

I’ll probably change these every few weeks and hopefully get stronger, more flexible and confident in learning new tricks!
My dream move is the “Jade” and although I don’t think I’m anywhere near ready to attempt it yet, it’s one I am looking forward to trying when the time comes! (Crash mats, lots of spotters and a very grippy pole, perhaps a helmet too!)

Current nemesis moves that I have been trying for ages are:
Brass monkey, Pencil and Ayesha!
They will be on my practice list over the next few months too.

The dreaded Brass Monkey

Pencil problems!

Tricky Aysha pole move!
Yep they’re all inverts, and require balance grip and strength..
I’m working on it, 20 minutes at a time!
But by bit, little by little, step by step, our dreams and goals may become reality!
A changed goal is not a fail, it is not a dead end. It can be a sensible and necessary step to take, and one that can lead you to new pursuits.

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My Black Milk obsession!

It started with an eBay purchase. A pair of shiny colourful nylon leggings. A pair of leggings inspired by art, a stained glass window in France. Clothing that is a hybrid of art, design, story and history, that makes me smile!
Here they are, my beautiful Cathedral leggings:

Then I entered the Black Milk website! Oooh the colours, the pretty designs, the funky patterns! And bought these dragon scales leggings, the kids at work love them, a pastoral care worker with dragon legs, pretty awesome hey!

eBay has been a way of getting rare or discontinued designs like my Star Wars montage ones.

I greeted my hubby who is a huge Star Wars fan at the airport wearing these! One way to show someone you love them hey?
As well as these lovely pieces I’ve got shiny silver and black ones, plain black ones, black and white beetle juice ones….and my top favourite, the aurora sky green leggings!


I once posted a picture of 20 things to do daily, one of these was to wear clothes that make you happy…Black Milk clothing is my colourful stretchy pick me up in the morning, and throughout the day. Some may say I’m too old, too lumpy, I’m crazy etc for wearing them, but who cares, they make me happy, and that’s that!
They’re good for relaxing in, stretching in, walking in, partying in (with heels). They are the total package!

Today was a happy parcel day….my birthday present from my mum and sister came…
Mucha leggings! From the 1898 painting by Alohonse Mucha, “Woman with daisies” (which just happen to be my favourite flower)



And then there are the skater skirts, the dresses, the shooters….aah so many to love!

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Take 2, maybe 3!

Goals are mystical things, they move, they grow, they disappear sometimes. They have the power to overwhelm or motivate. The secret is to set sensible achievable goals.
My four goals for the year are:

1. Read through the Bible in a year
2. Study 7 units of my degree
3. Get middle splits
4. Run another half marathon

How am I going? I’m a month into the year 1/12 of the way through. Am I progressing?
Yes, and no!
These are all long term goals so I haven’t achieved or been able to tick anything off yet.
But…I have completed a month of my daily reading plan. the bible in one year and am up to date! Win!

My second goal of study has been going well too. I am currently doing summer school and the unit is on Positive Psychology. I am absolutely loving the subject, it is so close to my heart and I definitely want to implement these theories into my everyday life. My first assignment on Happiness received a distinction which I’m so delighted with.

My third goal is a long term one, I’m about 6 inches off the floor in middle splits and I know those last few inches are the hardest and most painful…but I’m not giving up, I watched the tennis last night while stretching, my poor hubby had to endure me rolling around on the floor while he was trying to watch the game!

My last goal of running has fallen a little behind schedule, the combination of squeaky knees, hot weather, exhaustion from a 5am riser aka my son has impacted on my training.

Rather than be discouraged I have come up with a plan that will rein in my goals and keep them under my control rather than overwhelming me,
Work on at least two a day, the Bible reading is always on the list, and then pick one or two of the others. On work days two is all I can manage, but other days I can often manage three, depending on family commitments, assignments due and physical health.

Breaking goals into bite size chunks really helps me focus and not get disheartened. If I’m working on two I’m doing well, if I get three done I’m overjoyed! But no matter how I do today or yesterday, tomorrow is a brand new day!

P.S Today I read my Bible, studied for a couple of hours and plan on stretching while the men’s tennis is on!

Middle splits progress

Bible reading progress

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