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My Black Milk obsession!

on February 2, 2015

It started with an eBay purchase. A pair of shiny colourful nylon leggings. A pair of leggings inspired by art, a stained glass window in France. Clothing that is a hybrid of art, design, story and history, that makes me smile!
Here they are, my beautiful Cathedral leggings:

Then I entered the Black Milk website! Oooh the colours, the pretty designs, the funky patterns! And bought these dragon scales leggings, the kids at work love them, a pastoral care worker with dragon legs, pretty awesome hey!

eBay has been a way of getting rare or discontinued designs like my Star Wars montage ones.

I greeted my hubby who is a huge Star Wars fan at the airport wearing these! One way to show someone you love them hey?
As well as these lovely pieces I’ve got shiny silver and black ones, plain black ones, black and white beetle juice ones….and my top favourite, the aurora sky green leggings!


I once posted a picture of 20 things to do daily, one of these was to wear clothes that make you happy…Black Milk clothing is my colourful stretchy pick me up in the morning, and throughout the day. Some may say I’m too old, too lumpy, I’m crazy etc for wearing them, but who cares, they make me happy, and that’s that!
They’re good for relaxing in, stretching in, walking in, partying in (with heels). They are the total package!

Today was a happy parcel day….my birthday present from my mum and sister came…
Mucha leggings! From the 1898 painting by Alohonse Mucha, “Woman with daisies” (which just happen to be my favourite flower)



And then there are the skater skirts, the dresses, the shooters….aah so many to love!


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