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Ouch ouch, those pole dance DOMS! 

on June 6, 2015

My quads have been aching and tight for a couple of days now, I am trying to pinpoint the offending exercise! Was it that 30 minutes of Pilates on Wednesday or could it have been my first pole class of the term? We revised lots of last terms routine and moves and I learnt a couple of new ways to transition from floor to pole. At the time I remarked to the other girls “Ooh I’m going to feel this tomorrow!” Not realising that I’d be feeling the DOMS effect for almost 4 days! 

I’m not sure if I’m enjoying the pain, but knowing I learnt something new that pushed my body’s limit is always a great feeling of achievement. I tried walking and stretching it out but the soreness is still there. I googled a few remedies and I’m hoping some of these help for next weeks pole class!


Coffee, massage, stretching, pre and post workout snacks…I’ve got this! 


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