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Backbend progress

Today’s focus is number 14 on the list,  “stretching daily to increase flexibility”

My back flexibility started here… 


And last week it was here…

The first picture was done on the bed so wasn’t a true start point so here is the week 2 to 7 comparison shot. I’m happy! 


I’m sure my brief morning stretches have been helping, and even a little progress is still progress! 
Here are some of my exercises for back flexibility, (I can’t do all of them yet!)

I’m looking forward to be able to do a bridge like the picture above and also be able to get into tricky pole moves that require back flexibility, here is the amazingly flexible Felix Cane’s “cocoon”, yep I may never get that flexy, but wow, that girl is fabulous, and in 10 inch stilettos too! 

  In pursuit of more bendy flexy vibes I went to my first Pilates class at the gym this morning. I was full of anticipation, the instructor was great fun, the ladies were lovely, but it hadn’t even crossed my mind that my dear boy would hate the crèche and I would be called out of class half way through…grrrrr! Still I have pole tonight so I’ll get my exercise fix later! 

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