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Hiro’s weight loss journey (Run fat dog run pt2)

It’s been 5 weeks since my kelpie cross was pronounced “fat” by the vet.
His condition of an inflamed eye and a crusty nose requires steroids, not the best time to put your dog on a diet as the medication makes him ravenous. Seriously this dog is always begging for food since being on these meds, but his eye and nose are healing up amazingly so we press on!
As part of his “diet” we cut out his snacking of leftovers, he always ate the kids crusts, broken cookies, leftover dinners and any crumbs he could find! (Sound familiar? As a mum I’ve been guilty of these too)
As well as cutting out the unnecessary food I have tried to exercise him more, early morning walks with the dog and pram have been a great way to start the day, not only for Hiro who loves his ta-tas (walkies) but also for my little boy who enjoys going out in the pram, looking at the horses we pass and waving to all and sunder, he is such a sociable little man!

So what was the result of 4 weeks of good nutrition, and increased exercise on the vets scales?
Yes a paltry 500g….I felt disappointed for my poor mutt, but was encouraged by the vet that 500g in 4 weeks on a 19kg dog on steroids was a fabulous result!

So many similarities to a humans weight loss journey hey?
Don’t be discouraged, keep eating well, cut down on the mindless snacking, kids leftovers and emotional feedfests, move a little more, find an exercise you love and bring your kids along too.
The weight will come off, maybe slower than you’d like, but slow and steady is great and is more sustainable for the long haul.

As for Hiro, he’s still on his diet for a bit longer, is eating his biccys out of a muffin tray (to slow his eating down) and enjoying his morning strolls, sniffing, running and snooping around. He’s a great dog and we want him to stay healthy and be around for our family for a long time!


If you have an overweight pooch, here is an excellent site that may help, the treats chart was a real eye opener…1 plain biscuit to a dog is the equivalent of a hamburger to a human!
Weight loss for dogs


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