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Goals – week 2 progress


Just a quick check in…
✔️ I am up to date with my Bible reading.
✔️ I have started my counselling summer school subject (positive psychology – you’re going to be hearing a lot about this subject from me in the future).
✔️I have done lots of splits training.

The only goal I haven’t really focussed on is my running. Here in Adelaide we have had searing hot days, and I’m not a fair weather runner, so I have walked the dog and slow jogged a few 5km routes these last couple of weeks.
So yay for goals, yay for progress and here’s to more running, flexible hips, a positive mind and a faith filled heart!


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Rewards for goals?

I said yesterday I would think about some rewards for when I reached my 2015 goals. But I’m stuck! For me, it seems reaching the goal is a reward in itself. I can understand weight loss goals that are rewarded by a new wardrobe as that is often a necessity as well as a nice treat.
Although I’m about 8kgs over my ideal weight, I purposely didn’t set myself a weight loss goal, as I don’t find them very helpful, and after all, the number on a scale doesn’t define my flexibility, brain power, mental strength or spirituality. I do hope that a few kilos will come off as a by product of running and half marathon training, but that will be an added bonus not a focal point.
Anyway the only reward I could think of was, a nice massage after my half marathon and another item of the awesome Black Milk range when I get my middle splits. I think a touchdown shooter would be very applicable!
I love this Harry Potter one.


Here in Adelaide, the weather has been scorching, awesome for stretching, not for running. So I’ve done 2 days of stretch classes and will do the RLNA dvd tonight now the breeze is blowing through my hot house.
Middle Splits….I will get you this year, and then I can get that awesome top!


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New year, new goals 2015

I love lists, preparing, organising, dreaming, planning. So it should come as no surprise to hear I’ve set a few goals for this year.
I will be attempting to focus on at least 2 a day. I’ve tried to design the goals so that the overall bigger picture is a holistic,balanced one.

1. Read through the Bible in a year.
I have signed up for a daily reading plan through youversion which is a free app that offers lots of free reading plans, the bible in heaps of versions, a kids Bible story app, and lots more.
The plan I’m following is The Bible in one year with a commentary by Nicky Gumbel, the pioneer of the popular Alpha course.
I’m looking forward to discovering new truths and insight in this amazing book.


2. Complete 7 units of my counseling degree
I started study last semester and have really enjoyed the whole experience so far. I study most of the units online which works well for me as a busy mum. I’m hoping to finish the degree in 4 years and will then be a fully qualified counsellor. At the moment I’m not sure which area I’m going to specialise in, but children and families are close to my heart.


3. Middle splits (Flexibility)
Last year I worked hard and got my left and right front splits. With regular stretching and using Cleo the Hurricane dvd “Rockin legs n abs” I was able to not only get my splits but start to over split too.


This year my goal is to get my middles. I’m quite close but the last bit is always the hardest.
Here is a picture after last nights stretch class.


When you have your middle splits, there’s a whole new range of pole moves you can achieve, and how cool is it to be a flexy mama!

4. Run a half marathon (mental/physical)
I’ve run 3 half marathons and a full marathon in the last 4 years, but running has taken a back seat lately as my knee has been sore after running. I’ve discovered that using a knee brace helps tremendously, so I’m back pounding the pavement!
I am aiming for a May half marathon which gives me plenty of training time, so it looks like the Barossa or Greenbelt half. I haven’t done either of these so it will be a bit more exciting. I have a lot of training to do as I’m only managing 5km at the moment, but I know I will build up those kms bit by bit.


Here is the 2015 events calendar for South Australian Road Runners Club
I’m spoilt for choice aren’t I?

Anyway these are my 4 main goals of the year, but I also have work, tween girls study group, Daughters of Sarah training group and a large family to care for, so I will be kind to myself, encourage myself and reward my progress..(not sure what with yet, I might have to plan that too!)
What are your goals? How are you going to reach them?

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Easter eggs….my dilemma!


As much as Easter is not primarily about chocolate and eggs, it is a rather delicious addition to the resurrection celebration! I have been given a few eggs and bunnies, delicious Marvellous Creations ones….yum yum!
Here is my dilemma:
1. Eat them all up today and feel sick, but then get back on track tomorrow with my IIFYM plan or…
2. Eat them over a week period, fitting them into my meal plan, (which will require me cutting out some of my more filling and nutritious carbs to make way for the naughtys)

I know the second option is the sensible grown up thing to do….but my inner 5 year old wants to eat all chocolate in sight!!!!

In the past I have gone the binge-guilt-over exercise route, which is not a good pattern to get into. I remember eating so many mince pies one Christmas and then punishing myself with an hour run, and then doing it all over again the next day and the next day. A lovely friend who had been tracking my food and exercise diary on Myfitnesspal pulled me up on my worrying behaviour, as she was concerned that it could develop into an eating disorder. As I’m someone who’s weight has yo-yoed between 51kg and 76kg over the last 25 years that was a fair call, and one I’m mindful of. The purging of food by excessive exercise is becoming more and more common and more socially acceptable in our ‘Biggest loser’ culture of temptation, reward and last chance training.
Now when I have a big workout or run I go because I want to run, not because I’ve stuffed myself silly the night before.
So I guess I’ve solved my own dilemma, act like a grown up, enjoy and savour my choccy treats in moderation, without the guilt that drives me to exercise like a crazed gym bunny!
How many Easter eggs did you get this year? And to pinch a catchphrase “How do you eat yours?”

And here’s a little more proof that I really don’t want to eat that deluxe egg in one sitting!


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Sports day ‘Moments that matter’


If you are reading or have read Hands free mama , you will be familiar with the term ‘moments that matter’, or the even more fleeting and unique ‘sunset moments’. Today I was blessed to experience several!
It was Miss 10 and Master 5s Sports day, I had swapped work days, made sure Bub was in child care and with much excitement, (read ‘stress and panic over missing shoes, slow drivers, traffic and oversleeping’) we were on our way to School Sports Day!

Some of today’s beautiful moments:

-Seeing my daughter caring for her little brother, making sure he was ok when she saw him sad.
-Seeing the pure joy on my son’s face when Daddy turned up.
-Buying the kids a decorated cookie and popping it into their bag as a recess surprise
-Watching my daughter overcome her fear of hurdles and want to do it all over again
-Running in the 800m with my girl and her friend who were worried they wouldn’t finish the course, they grinned the whole way round!

These are some of the many proud mama moments, which I will ponder and cherish in my heart tonight.
My heart is full of love for my beautiful family, and I am especially blessed that Daddy was able to come down for a while and support his little team, I know it meant so much to them and me.
We’re on each other’s team!


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My Splits training vs Running lament


Hooray! I got two 10km runs in this week….
Boo….my flexibility has suffered as a consequence.
I knew running shortens your hamstrings and makes your muscles tighter, I just didn’t realise quite how much!
As you all know by now, I love running, so I am faced with quite a dilemma!

I ran with my Running Wifey on Wednesday and we enjoyed the gorgeous views, chatted away and beat last weeks 10km by 1 minute. (I’ll never be a sprinter that’s for sure)
I got back to the car happy, sweaty….and stiff! So after a couple of minutes stretching I drove home, had a hot shower and then had a proper big stretch. Ouch, ouch, ouch is all I can say!
By the next day after a little stroll with my mums n bubs group my legs felt 100% again.
I must admit I had my pole class on Thursday and didn’t do a big stretch session and Friday I only did a little one.
Today is Saturday, I did my 2nd run of the week, it was a beautiful run, and I enjoyed the autumnal weather and colours on the bike track. However I was super stiff at the end of it. So I spent a while stretching after the run and did my Cleo Rockin Legs and Abs DVD tonight…my splits were pitiful 😱
I tried doing my oversplits to get a little lower but to no avail…I’m not sure there will be much progress to report on my final week of the Splits challenge.
Tomorrow I’ll have another big stretch session with Cleo and get some pictures.
But it does seem that splits training and running don’t quite co-exist in harmony. I asked my pole teacher if weight training hampered flexibility too, she said yes, and that netball, sprinting, squats all do the same thing, i.e. shorten and tighten the muscles that need to be stretched and lengthened in order to gain your splits.

What are your thoughts? Are you super flexy as well as a runner?
Do you have any flexibility tips or tricks I can try?



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Running buddy, if you don’t have one, get one!



This week I did my first 10km run in ages, I’ve been dancing and stretching and getting a few little runs in between but nothing over 5kms. I’m ok with that, I’m busy, I’m trying to balance my home/fitness/faith journey and 5kms is still 5kms. But I do remember with much fondness my long runs, the routes, the conversations, the jelly beans, the fuel belt!
I was running regularly with a friend for months, early in the morning, weekends, after work….until I fell pregnant in 2011, we ran shorter distances while I was expecting and after I had bubby in August 2012 it was hard to schedule runs around my family commitments. So my running wifey was rather neglected. She is an amazing runner, completing ultra marathons, treks, and 24hour races before breakfast! She has always supported, encouraged and inspired me in my running.
So it was great to meet her at one of our usual running spots and chat, run, laugh, and enjoy the beautiful ocean views.
I was only planning on running for an hour (and I was very nervous about even that long) but at the 30 minute point my guru friend pointed out we had done 4.5km and how about we do another 500m to make it a 10km run? Who could argue with that logic?
The first half was definitely harder than the second, and I blame my brain for that, once we turned round I could relax into the run, and not stress about the distance. Running really is a mental challenge more than a physical one some days!
So it was with much joy, elation and happy hormones that I reached the end of the esplanade where I parked my car. 10kms done woo hoo! And a lovely 80 minutes of time spent with my running wifey. We’re making another date on Wednesday, can’t wait!


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Yesterday’s successes!


1. My boy and I played with a peg jigsaw I had put away for him for when he’s bigger. It seems he is bigger already!

2. I played on my new brass 45mm pole and finally got the courage, strength, determination and balance to get my butterfly move right! This has been my nemesis for a few months now, so glad I got it!

3. I managed to find 15 minutes to read my bible and journal a couple of phrases, ‘Father of lights’ and ‘perfect law of liberty’. Had a ponder on them!

4. Helped my kids with their reading and homework, always so special to see them learn and develop, and actually want me to be part of that journey (at the moment)

5. Went to a seriously brutal stretch and flex class, I didn’t know whether to cry, pass out or laugh! I love stretching so it’s ok…I also love the results and strength that comes with flexibility!
We were working our side splits, so close now….the instructor even put a block under my front leg….that’s how close I am!!!! C’mon!!!!!!

6. Was in bed by 10.30pm, and read a little of Mark Sayers book, ‘The road trip that changed the world.’
Good night, Thank you Jesus!

7. Almost forgot…got a little 30 min run in with my faithful four legged friend this morning too! WIN!





Just add snow, Inspiration for the week ahead

If you haven’t seen the new tv ad for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, this is a treat! I can’t help but get choked up every time I see it.
Whether you’re an Aussie training for a snow boarding medal, a mum trying to fit in a run, or a school kid balancing academic studies with several dance classes and styles, we do what we love!
We train hard, and should be proud of every session that we push through, prioritise, and get done regardless of the obstacles facing us!
We may not all represent our country in the Olympics but we should still be able to stand tall, encourage each other in our fitness journeys, support those who need a little boost and be inspired by not only these international Olympians, but also by the mum in the gym, the 5am jogger, or the walker raising funds for cancer research.
Find what you love, and love what you do! And don’t let a lack of snow stop you!

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Trail training, Mount Lofty

Not content with training for one long trail later in the year, here is the 56km Yurrebilla ultra marathon trail I’m planning on doing in September, a month before Trailblazer


As you can imagine, we have a lot of training ahead of us!
Yesterday Miss S and I met at the bottom of Waterfall Gully in Adelaide. It was a beautiful warm day and there were a lot of fellow hikers climbing the Mount.
It is an amazing trail, with steep sections in places, and lots of benches to rest or enjoy the views on the way up. We powered up, chatting, laughing and discussing life, love and 12wbt!
I had previously made it to the top in 1hr and 11 minutes, when I was 20 weeks pregnant, so I was hoping to beat that time.
We got to the top in well under an hour (around 57 mins) and we enjoyed the views from the top! Adelaide is such a gorgeous city surrounded by stunning scenery, we really are blessed to live here!


Mount Lofty is the highest point in Adelaide and affords views to the city, the sea, the north, the south. It is truly a breathtaking place and I understand why so many people visit this spot, for weddings, for a cuppa, to enjoy the scenery and in our case to have a fabulous workout!

After the obligatory selfie shots and a well earned drink from the filtered water fountain, we made our descent. I actually find going downhill just as tricky in the steep bits as going uphill, but we jogged the more gentle inclines and got down in just over 40 minutes.

My legs felt like jelly and today my glutes feel like I’ve just done a massive squat workout! Always a good sign of a great training session!

Thank you to my gorgeous training partner Miss Stacey, who is a 12wbt legend in her own right, look her up on Instagram, she is amazing!

We’ll be training together whenever we can and we hope to see lots of the beautiful trails in Adelaide.


WE DID IT! Training session number one NAILED!



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