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Trail training, Mount Lofty

Not content with training for one long trail later in the year, here is the 56km Yurrebilla ultra marathon trail I’m planning on doing in September, a month before Trailblazer


As you can imagine, we have a lot of training ahead of us!
Yesterday Miss S and I met at the bottom of Waterfall Gully in Adelaide. It was a beautiful warm day and there were a lot of fellow hikers climbing the Mount.
It is an amazing trail, with steep sections in places, and lots of benches to rest or enjoy the views on the way up. We powered up, chatting, laughing and discussing life, love and 12wbt!
I had previously made it to the top in 1hr and 11 minutes, when I was 20 weeks pregnant, so I was hoping to beat that time.
We got to the top in well under an hour (around 57 mins) and we enjoyed the views from the top! Adelaide is such a gorgeous city surrounded by stunning scenery, we really are blessed to live here!


Mount Lofty is the highest point in Adelaide and affords views to the city, the sea, the north, the south. It is truly a breathtaking place and I understand why so many people visit this spot, for weddings, for a cuppa, to enjoy the scenery and in our case to have a fabulous workout!

After the obligatory selfie shots and a well earned drink from the filtered water fountain, we made our descent. I actually find going downhill just as tricky in the steep bits as going uphill, but we jogged the more gentle inclines and got down in just over 40 minutes.

My legs felt like jelly and today my glutes feel like I’ve just done a massive squat workout! Always a good sign of a great training session!

Thank you to my gorgeous training partner Miss Stacey, who is a 12wbt legend in her own right, look her up on Instagram, she is amazing!

We’ll be training together whenever we can and we hope to see lots of the beautiful trails in Adelaide.


WE DID IT! Training session number one NAILED!



Trails…dirty running


After last years half marathon in August, I decided against long distance racing for a while. There is a lot of training and while I’m working on building muscles on the 12wbt Lean and strong program, a lot of running would hinder the process.
I’ve blogged before about how much I love to run and am often conflicted in my fitness plans, trying to strive for enjoying exercise rather than enduring it! After some thinking about WHAT I love about running, I have decided this year to do some trail runs/walks. I’m kind of over the marathon training, and also feeling a little bored with weights at present, and I figure that trails might be a happy medium; walking and running, getting some good leg exercise in when hill climbing, seeing beautiful scenery and taking time out for reflection and contemplation!
In Adelaide there are lots of trail runs/walks to enter as well. Medals, goals, achievement…my eyes twinkle!

Another 12wbter and I are planning on entering a few walks this year, with a massive goal of walking the Trailblazer in October. There are a few different options, but I’m eyeing off the 50km walk, (at least)
It will be a fundraiser for local charities too, which makes it an even more special time.
I’m not sure how you train for long walks other than doing long walks, so Miss S and I will be starting our training this weekend. I’m not sure how long the trail is, but it’s a beauty and I’m super excited to get out and start working towards my next goal.
Each month from April there is a trail event, so it is our plan to attend as many of these as possible, up until the big one in October!
I’m expecting dirty trainers, dusty socks, summer freckles, to use my fuel belt lots, and my soul and body to be refreshed by ‘All things bright and beautiful’.
I’ll let you know how we go on the weekend!


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